You’ll be able to hunt Predator in Ghost Recon: Wildlands for a few weeks

If you haven’t played Ghost Recon: Wildlands in a while, this week is a good time to jump back in. Ubisoft announced that its Jungle Storm update on December 14 will bring the Predator into Ghost Recon’s Bolivian world and tasks players with hunting him down.

The update is free to everyone who owns the game and the event will last until early January.

“At Ubisoft Paris, we have been fans of the Predator movie for a long time and are thrilled to bring such an iconic character to our game,” said Nouredine Abboud, senior producer at Ubisoft in a statement. “The challenge is full of references to the original Predator movie and we cannot wait to see the reaction of our players!”

The update is a collaboration with FoxNext Games, the gaming and VR division of 20th Century Fox, and will also make available a Predator pack that players can get to customize their characters like those from the original Predator film.

Check out the trailer below: