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7 Spooky games that you can get on the cheap right now to play for Halloween

Honestly, there are a lot of great dark and scary games out there.

Image: 2K Games / Bioshock
Image: 2K Games / BioShock

It’s less than a week from Halloween. Maybe you have nothing to do over the weekend or on the holiday itself. Maybe you’re just a little too old to go out trick or treating or want to stay in.

You’ve already watched all the spooky movies you had on your list throughout the month. Why not pick up some cheap games to play instead?

Here are seven amazing options for you to play now without breaking the bank a week before rent is due but will give you the scare factor you crave.

Diablo IV

Image: Blizzard / Diablo IV
Image: Blizzard / Diablo IV

Let’s start off with a game series that is near and dear to a lot of people’s hearts and had a triumphant return this year. Diablo IV brings you back to Sanctuary, a world full of darkness and monsters.

In the game, you can choose between five classes, upgrade them and their equipment, and face off against the demonic Lilith.

If you didn’t pick it up when it came out last June, now is a great time to grab it and play for the spooky season. You can find it on Newegg for only $47.49 (down from the usual $59.99) with code TECCX24255.

The Last of Us Part I

Image:  Naughty Dog / Sony / The Last of Us Part I
Image: Naughty Dog / Sony / The Last of Us Part I

The Last of Us has become a modern classic. Stuck in the aftermath of the end of the world, Joel and Ellie learn to trust each other and become the family that both of them need.

But, it’s not just a soft, heartfelt story. You have to make your way across the American heartland while fighting zombie-like Cordyceps-infected people and other survivors who want you dead.

You can grab the remaster of the game on PC right now, which includes the prequel story, Left Behind, as well, for only $42.99.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Image: Rocksteady / WB / Batman: Arkham Knight
Image: Rocksteady / WB / Batman: Arkham Knight

If you’re looking for a great game to play over the Halloween weekend, the Arkham series of Batman games is always worth your time. Batman: Arkham Knight is the final game in the trilogy and, while it’s normally $39.99 for the Premium edition, you can grab it right now for only $4.79 on PC.

As the name suggests, you play as the dark knight himself, Batman, as he deals with the repercussions of the previous two games. All the while, he’s taking down various members of his rogues gallery and facing off against the mysterious Arkham Knight.

It’s dark, gritty, and just deep enough to get you hooked without being all about the scare factor.

The Premium Edition includes both the main game and the entire season pass. It’s not exactly a “new” game at this point. But, if you’re looking for a cheap gaming fix and aren’t necessarily into being scared, it’s worth the price.

The Quarry

Image: Supermassive Games / 2K / The Quarry
Image: Supermassive Games / 2K / The Quarry

Maybe zombies aren’t your thing. Maybe classic movie monsters or bat-based superheroes just don’t do it for you. You want your horror to be more like 1980s slasher flicks. The Quarry will fill that void in your life.

Your choices matter. Your decisions will change the course of the game. Play alone or team up with your friends to tell a story that you’ll never get out of your nightmares.

This deal comes in a couple of options. You could grab the standard version of The Quarry for $13.99. But, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t spend just a couple more bucks on the Deluxe Edition at $16.49.

The Deluxe Edition includes additional 1980s-themed costumes for the camp counselors, more ways to play, and additional filters to make the game feel like it belongs on a VHS tape in a Blockbuster Video.

BioShock: The Collection

Image: 2K Games / BioShock Infinite
Image: 2K Games / BioShock Infinite

I have no words for this absolutely amazing game series. If you played the original BioShock when it was new, it was such a beautifully made, subversive story and game that other games have tried to ride its coattails for a decade and a half.

While BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite weren’t nearly as groundbreaking, they each still had their moments to shine.

If you never got a chance to play this trilogy (or even if you did), you can pick up all three titles in BioShock: The Collection for only $10.99 right now for Steam PC.

I’m jealous of anyone experiencing a Big Daddy for the first time in 2023. You’ll thank me later if you’re new to this series.

How to Survive 2

Image: 505 Games / How to Survive 2
Image: 505 Games / How to Survive 2

How to Survive 2 is another game on our list that just isn’t new, having come out originally in 2016, but is still fun to play from time to time. Team up with other survivors in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden wasteland and, well, survive.

As this game is older, it normally runs at $14.99. But, you can grab the version for Steam PC for only $2.99 right now.

Dead Rising 4

Image: Capcom / Dead Rising 4
Image: Capcom / Dead Rising 4

The Dead Rising series is one that you play when you just want to turn your brain off and kill zombies in crazy ways. The original game is near and dear to my heart, just like a machete sticking out of a zombie’s chest.

This sequel is set at a zombie-infested Colorado shopping mall.

But, as for Dead Rising 4, you just can’t go wrong for only $6.99 right now for the PC version, down from $29.99. That’s a fantastic bloodfest for not a lot of money.

You can find a ton more creepy games (among other things) over on Newegg’s Halloween Sale right now. You’re bound to find some games that’ll interest you there, no matter your taste.

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