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How We Review


Our goal is to provide a unique personal perspective and enough information about the game to give readers an informed opinion on the title. We aim to give readers an interesting perspective and approach a review from our personal experience.

Since the human mind appreciates numerical representations as a means of comparison, we provide game scores to our readers. Our game reviewers take into account graphics, story, sound, technical performance and overall innovation in assigning the overall score of a game. 



Completely broken and unplayable; this is a tile full of glitches and feels barely finished. Only the most fundamentally flawed games belong here.



This a game that might have a sliver of redemption, there is some element that stands out a little above the sea of problems. There is little to redeem about a game in this section, but there may be some light in very few areas of the design.


While there may be one idea that shines or has merit, the game is too flawed to truly recommend. Some games in this area may have the chance to grow into something better, but generally, when a game is this low on the scale, it may be beyond saving.



This game may not be fundamentally broken, but it doesn’t push any boundaries, or have any really inspired ideas. It also can be full of performance issues moreover. This is a title worth avoiding.



A borderline experience right on the edge of success and failure. It is equal parts flawed and successful in its attempts. You can see the glimmer of greatness in some of the ideas, but the whole picture is too muddy.


A game that has solid ideas, but the execution is very mixed. Some specific areas may really shine, but they aren’t enough to make a game that is truly memorable.



A flawed game that is just on the verge of being great, there may be a major issue that holds back the entire game or technical problems that hamper the entire experience on top of other flaws. Still a game worth your time, but it is worth going in with a caveat.


 A great game that may have some big issues that hold it back, but generally it is a well-made, fun, unique title or a solid one that does a great job of utilizing current conventions in a satisfying way without breaking the mold.



A fantastic game, still flawed in very minor ways but generally very polished and refined. A title in this category is one that is likely the best of the year it is released but doesn’t quite hit the top tier.



The best of the best; while no game is perfect, a game in this category should be truly genre-defining and have a lasting impact beyond its release year. Only reserved for the top titles that have an influence on their genre and the future of games.


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