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The GameCrate Staff and Writers

Nicholas Scibetta is GameCrate's senior editor. He enjoys first-person shooters and role-playing games with strong stories. His favorite modern game is Mass Effect 2, and his favorite old-school game is Shining Force 2.

Quibian Salazar-Moreno is a GameCrate editor that's been covering the gaming industry for more than a decade focusing on the crazy world of consoles.

Josh Ray is a hardware editor at GameCrate, Intel Unlocked, and Tiger Beat.

David Sanchez likes wearing a Tanooki Suit while eating $5 pizza. Follow him on Twitter @dr_davidsanchez.

Christopher Atwood is a writer from the dusty hills of Hermiston, Oregon. He loves a challenge and anything that pushes him past my limits both intellectually and physically.

John Gaudiosi has spent the past 25 years covering the $74 billion videogame industry for top international print, online and television outlets like The Washington Post, Wired, Playboy, AOL, IGN, Yahoo!, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today Weekend, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Maxim, CBS and NBC. 

Nate Hohl has been a gamer ever since he was old enough to hold a SNES controller and his love of both gaming and writing made game journalism a natural fit. He enjoys tackling current issues within the gaming industry as well as probing the minds of his readers in order to engage and inform them. In addition to gaming and writing, he is also an avid reader, a bit of a history buff, and a die-hard martial arts enthusiast.

Robert Workman is a dedicated video game enthusiast and journalist who has spent years in the business, working for the likes of Segadojo, AOL GameDaily, Retro Magazine, Shacknews, and Prima Games. He also enjoys socializing at game events and sleeping whenever he gets the chance. He's old, man!

Paul Semel has been writing about games (as well as music, movies, TV, books, toys, and other fun stuff) for more than twenty years. You can currently read his writings on his own site,, or follow his antics on Twitter, @paulsemel.

Seth Perlstein is a journalist, gamer, and loyal member of The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. Follow him on Twitter @sethperlstein.

Afroxander (a.k,a. Ivan Fernandez) is a freelance journalist based in Southern California. Yes, that is his real hair. Follow at @afroxander.

Kaleb Horton is a writer from Bakersfield. He is currently on his 40th playthrough of Broken Sword. Somebody make him stop.

Dirk Libbey is based in Northern CA where he writes, games, and helps run a small (but growing) science fiction/fantasy convention.  He just started to DM his first Dungeons & Dragons game and it's going pretty well, thank you.  As a kid he once beat Contra without the Konami code but he doesn't mind that you don't believe him.

Rachel Sharpton has been fascinated with video games as an art medium since losing an entire summer to the GameCube exclusive Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. As a freelance writer for GameCrate, she excited about bringing awareness to lesser known indie games. She is a sucker for turn-based RPGs and has spent an embarrassing amount of hours in Sid Meier's Civilization 5, which is one of her favorite games.

Angelo M. D'Argenio has been writing about games for 10 years now. He has been a pro gamer, a professor of game design, and a game-centric comedian. His favorite genres are RPGs and fighting games, and he has a particular love of obscure but innovative indie titles. His favorite old-school games are Chrono Trigger and Xenogears and his favorite modern game is Undertale. When not gaming, you can usually find him talking at gaming and anime conventions up and down the East coast.

Jerry Bonner is a writer with over 20 years of experience in various mediums and formats. He's probably been playing video games waaaay longer than you. 

Dennis Kralik is an original PC gamer and PC builder, since the days of DOS. His favorite games are shooters, racing, and action games.  His current game is Robocraft. He also enjoys movies, paintball and off-road racing.

Akil Henry is a freelance editor, budding singer, game designer and comedian of calculator descent. His favorite modern game series is Dead Rising and hit favorite old school game is Sonic & Knuckles.

René S. Garcia Jr. is a professional entertainment journalist and screenwriter living and working in Southern California.

Bryan Dawson has an extensive background in the gaming industry, having worked as a journalist for various publications for nearly 20 years and participating in a multitude of competitive fighting game events. He has authored over a dozen strategy guides for Prima Games, worked as a consultant on numerous gaming-related TV and web shows, and was the Operations Manager for the fighting game division of the IGN Pro League.

Henry Ling covers e-sports for GameCrate. Having played RTS games since he was 13, he enjoys analysis of games such as Starcraft II and League of Legends as well as the hurdles that come with the steady growth of the e-sports industry. His favorite game is Silent Hill 2, and he casually enjoys the horror genre in his spare time.

Patrick Cowles is an avid computer hardware and gaming enthusiast that has been utilizing these wonderful machines since the early 1990s. He enjoys putting computers together from scratch and pushing them to their limits of performance.

Chris Turrubiate. Games were Chris' babysitter as a kid. He studies, tests, and now reviews what’s in games that makes them more than just lines of code. His favorite games are Bioshock, MegaMan Battlenetwork, and Kingdom Hearts. He's currently playing Dota 2, Ni No Kuni, and Pokemon Y.

Esmeralda Portillo is a journalist who specializes in covering entertainment news and culture, primarily the video games community and YouTube space.

Wilhelm Lichnock has always been interested in competitive gaming.  Growing up with early games like Starcraft and Warcraft it was obvious that he would fall in love with the world of e-sports.  With past forays into competitive management and his passion for competition he is able to write about events from a specialized position.  Aside from gaming Wilhelm plays soccer competitively and enjoys going on long road trips.

Ivan B's first experience with video games dates back to Christmas '86 when his parents bought him an Atari 7800. He's been stuck on the banana level of Ms. Pac-Man ever since.

Doug Yale grew up fascinated with computers and how they work. He loves all aspects of technology from rooting his phone to building PCs. 

Karim Lahlou covers e-sports and hardware for GameCrate. As a longtime enthusiast of the RTS and RPG genres, he enjoys watching and playing games like Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Hearthstone, and Total War. His all-time favorite game is Vandal Hearts for the original PlayStation.

Wallace Chu is a web editor at NeweggBusiness and a contributor to GameCrate. Aside from an unhealthy passion for MMORPGs, he also loves 2D fighting games and turn-based strategy games. His greatest gaming achievement ever was rising above the level of scrub in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Jennifer Rourke grew up attending PC builder conventions with her dad and learning math and spelling on early educational video games. In 2013 she became the Gear Head Girl of Newegg TV and since then evolved from a car junkie to a technology and gaming enthusiast. She now does freelance writing in her spare time while fulfilling her life-long dream of being a vampire slayer. Follower on Twitter @gearheadgirl27.

Paul Hunter has been reporting on the video game industry since 2006 as an entrepreneur and freelance journalist, specializing in gaming news, previews/reviews, and live event coverage.

T.J. Lambert hasbeen playing video games since he could steal his cousin's Gameboy pocket and hide out for as long as he could playing Super Mario Land.

John Gill is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. He likes to play games with sunsets, dialog trees, and cloth maps. When not playing Earthbound, he can be found meditating in the woods and telling dad jokes.

Rudy Kelly is very bad at video games.