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About GameCrate

What is GameCrate?

GameCrate is an editorial site focused on the worlds of gaming and hardware and the intersections between the two. 


Originally founded in 2014, GameCrate is a subsidiary of and published by Newegg Commerce, Inc.


The views expressed on this website are independent of the publisher and are solely the opinions of the writers, unless otherwise specified.

Meet the GameCrate Team

Our team of editors and contributors are passionate about gaming and have been involved in the industry for years. We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in our space. We’re also big fans of the all-time great titles – so if you’re looking to get your nostalgia fix, we’ve got you covered.

We strive to be an inclusive platform and give writers a forum to share unique views and perspectives. If you're interested in joining the conversation and help shape the gaming landscape, we'd love to hear from you.

Past Contributors

Adam Lovinus

Brandon Hofer

Cade Davie

Carli Velocci

Charles Storm

Cole Martin

Derek Swinhart

Garrett Ettinger

Joe Deez

Lucas White

Mark Coppock

Meg Kuyatt

Robin Bea

Ronnia Cherry

Samuel Tolbert

Stu Stalter

Wallace Chu

Wren Romero

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