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Modern retro game The Meating charges onto Kickstarter

If you’re a fan of classic Nintendo games, The Meating is both bovine and divine.

Image: The Meating / Mega Cat Studios
Image: The Meating / Mega Cat Studios

The Meating (which isn’t a typo, trust me), a game about a ghost Minotaur named Kon out for revenge after getting butchered into some of the toughest meat out there, is part of a new Kickstarter starting October 27th, just in time for Halloween.

After his untimely and mysterious demise, the former gladiator (and formerly living) Kon is given a second chance by the god of meat, Gyros. Yes, everything is a meat pun. The difficulty levels in the game are “Veal” and “Raw.”

Based on the gameplay trailer, the game is an action-puzzle platformer that looks ripped straight out of the classic NES. In fact, The Meating is what happens when weirdos that like classical mythology grow up playing the original Ducktales and want to make a game.

The Meating rocks 40 levels as you collect your body parts scattered across the game. As you bully your way through each level, you fight enemies, avoid falling meat, and take down beefy bosses.

While you’re at it, you can find secret meat, hidden somewhere in every level. I wonder if there’s going to be wall chicken somewhere. There’s gotta be at least one wall chicken.

As you progress, you can use your ghostly powers like possession, pyrokinesis, and incorporeality to take on new challenges and enemies as you find out the secret of why you got the axe in the first place.

As mentioned, the Kickstarter begins on Friday, October 27th. As with other Mega Cat Studios games of the past, this one has the opportunity to get it on a Wagyu Limited Edition NES cartridge.

For those that don’t have the classic NES, no worries. The Kickstarter will offer Nintendo Switch codes, as well as other goodies like posters.

For more information, this Grade-A Kickstarter will be live tomorrow. You can sign up here to get notified when it does. As far as I can tell, and based on Mega Cat Studios’ previous games, The Meating is going to be… well-done.

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