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Turtle Beach is possibly teasing a wireless RGB LED Recon controller in their holiday catalog

It looks like they’ve got a new VelocityOne Flightstick coming too.

Image: Turtle Beach
Image: Turtle Beach "Sneak Peak"

Turtle Beach, the maker of some very fine audio equipment, also makes some really nice gaming controllers. While various models have different uses and quality, the one that always stands above the rest is their Recon controller line.

If you’re looking for a solid controller, the Recon is always top-notch. But, it’s always felt like it was lacking a couple of things, like a wireless capability.

Turtle Beach sent out a “For Your Consideration” deck for the holidays to the press, as a way to show off everything they have available. It even includes the REACT-R controller colors that were officially released literally yesterday.

I’ve tried or owned a large portion of their catalog, as it stands. But, there are some silhouetted sneak peek shots of items that have not actually been announced yet at the end.

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne line appears to be getting a throttle.

One is clearly a controller and one is clearly part of the VelocityOne Flightstick line. Both are different than previous iterations and I want to speculate, based on my knowledge of the brand and its history.

The VelocityOne Flightstick immediately sticks out here. The current Flightstick has a completely different configuration of buttons and the screen on the tip is designed differently, sticking off of the top as opposed to being integrated into it. This is definitely a new model.

Directly next to it is a new item altogether, what appears to be a VelocityOne Throttle module. This throttle joins items like the Rudder as another permanent part of your desk.

It’s definitely speculation here, but I believe it’ll be separate from the new Flightstick update. However, they may sell it as a bundle.

Is that a new Recon controller that I spy with my little eye?

But, the new controller in the image caught my attention the most. The design gives off Recon vibes with the design of the grips. The REACT-R line doesn’t have any grips, and that exact shape is Recon-specific.

But, the glowing colors are new. While this could just be an aesthetic choice by an artist, they didn’t do anything like that for the VelocityOne equipment, keeping their LEDs accurate to the real product.

Another quick detail to add to the evidence is the tiny bar of light, in the same coloring as the rest, directly below the Xbox dome button. That isn’t on current Recon models. I believe this controller to be fully RGB LED lit.

With Turtle Beach’s acquisition of ROCCAT in 2019, it has been interesting to see how long they divorced the technologies from each other, almost as if they were keeping the brands entirely apart. It was only a matter of time before they started melding together.

So, let’s look at this picture as a whole. Turtle Beach headsets have generally been pretty straightforward in terms of colors and lighting. But, ROCCAT headsets offer full RGB LED lighting that connects directly to their AIMO Intelligent Lighting system on ROCCAT Swarm.

It would make sense for Turtle Beach to use this technology that they own in anything designed for gamers. Gamers love RGB.

Could we finally be seeing Turtle Beach’s first wireless controller?

I think we’re not only seeing the first Turtle Beach RGB controller but also that it’s wireless and Bluetooth. This one would be another first for Turtle Beach. Might as well do it all at once and see what sticks.

ROCCAT devices also, in recent years, have been including two ways to connect their peripherals to a system: a built-in Bluetooth and a wireless dongle of some sort.

For instance, the ROCCAT Vulcan Mini Air, an item also on this same Turtle Beach holiday guide, is one of their newer keyboard options. It offers on-board Bluetooth, as well as a dongle option to connect quickly, in any way you need. It allows you to connect to a PC, console, or mobile device, however you see fit.

This also brings up the thought that the Recon Cloud controller is meant to be replaced with this new controller, as well. The Recon Cloud was, as the kids would call it, “mid”. I did a full review at KnowTechie recently regarding the Recon Cloud.

It did mobile connectivity really well but failed to cater to the PC and console market it had built up for years. If this new controller is what I think it could be, it could be a much-needed love letter and apology to the Recon fanbase.

The actual news is less fun without some speculation sprinkled in.

But, of course, all of that is speculation. The only actual news is that there seems to be a controller that is "Made for Xbox" and a new flight stick setup in the works sometime before the fast-approaching holiday season. Take anything else that I said with a grain of salt until they make any announcements.

But, feel free to bookmark this page to tell me how right or wrong I am afterward in the comments. In the meantime, enjoy the entire “For Your Consideration” holiday catalog from Turtle Beach below (sans any impertinent information and slides).

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