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Turtle Beach REACT-R controllers got a bunch of rad colors out today

Red, Nebula, and Pixel Green join the lineup of Turtle Beach REACT-R controllers.

Image: Turtle Beach REACT-R controllers
Image: Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach generally makes pretty good hardware, even when it isn’t audio-related. They have two controller lines out nowadays and one of them, the REACT-R, got a handful of new colors out today.

The new colors are really nice, too. You can now get their REACT-R controllers in Red, Pixel Green, and Nebula.

The Red option is what I like to call “Turtle Beach Standard Red”. Give it long enough to get popular and, as long as it isn’t a headset, the product will eventually get a version in this same red color. Needless to say, as just the color red, it’s the most boring out of today’s new selection.

Pixel Green looks like you just need to paint two big black square eyes and a scowling mouth on it to make it a Creeper from Minecraft. The black buttons almost handle that part on their own.

The green and pixel design of the “Pixel Green” invokes a very classic gaming feel, almost leaning into a not-quite-digital-camo-esque print. By any stretch, this feels like a color that people will likely snap up when they see it.

Nebula is, well, spacey and pretty. As a fan of purple, I may be biased here. But, it’s the most unique looking of the bunch. The purple and pink of Nebula swirls into a starry abyss and would definitely stand out in your collection of controllers.

Image: Turtle Beach REACT-R Red controller
Image: Turtle Beach

These three controllers join the existing REACT-R lineup, which consists of a slick Black option and “We’re totally not riffing on the Super Nintendo” White/Purple.

As a Nintendo fan growing up, I see you, Turtle Beach. Considering the colors on the buttons and the general scheme of the controller invoke the American Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

But, those are old news, coming out over the past year or so. Today’s controllers add a splash of much-needed color to the expanding line of cheap options. I’m a big fan of color options on my hardware, personally, like the recent Transparent line of Analogue Pocket handhelds.

As mentioned, they’re one of two lines of PC and console-capable controllers from Turtle Beach. The other main line is the Recon controllers which offer more options for audiophiles. The Recon line is all on sale right now, likely due to the new REACT-R color options releasing, for $44.99.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative with some razzle-dazzle, still want to potentially utilize Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing, and don’t need to connect your headset as much, the REACT-R line is a great option at $39.99.

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