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Among Us drops new The Fungle map, cosmetics and tasks

Eventually, everything becomes crabs. Even cosmicubes.

Image: Innersloth / Among Us The Fungle map
Image: Innersloth / Among Us The Fungle map

A new update dropped yesterday for Among Us and it’s everything fans have been waiting for. Welcome to The Fungle. We got fun and games.

The Fungle map has the crewmates crash into a deserted island and the focus is to repair communications. But, as always, the impostors are working against your mission.

Innersloth gave us not only a brand-new map but a ton of additional deserted island goodies. You can expect to find a new type of sabotage, for instance.

Additionally, there are a ton of new tasks to try, such as playing frisbee, fishing, roasting marshmallows, lifting weights, and more not mentioned in the update.

The official post about the update also mentions ziplines and a new ejection animation, as well as a mention that The Fungle works great as a Hide n Seen mode map.

When Among Us drops a map, it’s more than just a map.

But, I know why you’re here: cosmetics. The Cosmicube is crab-shaped to go with the island theme. For those unaware, Cosmicubes are how you unlock new cosmetics and pets.

As the map’s “The Fungle “name suggests, mushrooms play a part in the island and that shows in some of the cosmetics as well. But, the majority of them are things like bucket hats, fishing hats, sand castle molds, and more outdoorsy, island gear.

Oh, and yes, you can get a crab. I would name mine “Pinchy.”

A free wallpaper shows off the new zipline mechanic. New community fan art has also been released. It’s all worth checking out if you’re already a fan of the game.

Additionally, Innersloth fixed a ton of bugs and made a bunch of minor tweaks to the gameplay. If you’re an avid player, some changes might affect what you normally expect.

They also immediately found a ton of bugs that were listed from The Fungle map, which they’re already hard at work trying to fix quickly, which they list in their post.

Innersloth also felt the need to talk a little bit about their reporting system. No, not like reporting an impostor during an emergency meeting. I’m talking about reporting, as in keeping the game safe and friendly for anyone to play.

They explained that a real person reads every report and they take them seriously. It’s nice to know a well-known, popular game has an actual human touch like this.

You can check out the new The Fungle trailer. But, if you haven’t grabbed Among Us yet, it’s on sale right now for only $2.99 on Steam.

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