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Fallout 76 announces 17 million players and a 2024 roadmap

War never changes, but Fallout 76 has gotten better year after year.

Image: Fallout 76 / Bethesda
Image: Fallout 76 / Bethesda

Bethesda announced on their blog this week that Fallout 76 is getting bigger in multiple ways. Not only are they expanding the game more with their upcoming roadmap for 2024, but they announced that the once barren wasteland has had over 17 million players at this point.

The newest addition brought players to Atlantic City with the Atlantic City - Boardwalk Paradise update. This opened up a whole new area to explore, including casinos and hotels.

But, the devs at Bethesda aren’t done with taking us through an irradiated New Jersey. Coming Spring 2024, Atlantic City - America’s Playground will offer new missions, more explorable areas, and a face-off with the Jersey Devil, New Jersey’s favorite cryptid.

Along with the Mothman and the Flatwoods monster hanging out in the base game, as well as the Jersey Devil on the horizon, Fallout has a long history of including America’s best cryptids in their games

In addition to the expanding Atlantic City, Bethesda also announced that the map is expanding as well, southward, into the “wooded heartland” of Shenandoah. With the bigger map, you’ll be able to find a new quest line, factions, and rewards. 

They’re also planning on putting way more focus on seasonal events in 2024. They will be run way more frequently going forward, alongside Season 15: The Big Score.

They made sure to plug the upcoming Fallout series coming to Amazon in Spring 2024 as well, which could potentially tease some crossover events within Fallout 76 alongside the show. Or, it was just brand synergy. You can never tell what may pop up in Appalachia’s wilds.

With all of the Fallout 76 hype this week, it’s easy to forget that Bethesda is planning to release an Indiana Jones game, which will get a full reveal in 2024, too. Aside from any additional content that Starfield may have incoming, they have their hands full for a while. 

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