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Fortnite Festival-focused PDP guitar controller teased for early 2024

Fortnite Festival is cool and all, but can the upcoming PDP controller work with Konasute Gitadora?

Image: PDP
Image: PDP

With the recent launch of several new game modes in Fortnite, video games are about to get even weirder than usual. For example, guitar controllers of yesteryear might be a thing again. I'm sure there are a lot more weird things out there, but the point is a new guitar controller is coming. 

This time, it’s PDP, which dropped a tease for a new guitar controller on social media, teasing a January reveal and/or launch, and color-coding it to specifically nod to the recently-released Fortnite Festival.

PDP is a longtime source of third-party controllers and gaming accessories, only growing more and more prominent over the years. This new tease is about as explicitly tied to Fortnite Festival as it can be while still omitting the words “Fortnite Festival” from the post. You can see it for yourself right below this paragraph:

We’re just looking at a silhouette, of course, so there’s no telling what the specifics of this thing are yet. Price, buttons, and compatibility, as well as anything and everything will have to wait until January 2024. And some of those questions are pretty important, considering what exactly Fortnite Festival is.

For example, while a rhythm mode developed by Rock Band studio Harmonix itself, Fortnite Festival doesn’t include strumming as a mechanic. So will this guitar have a strum bar or just simple buttons? Is it fully tailored for Fortnite, or will folks who play things like Clone Hero or Guitar Freaks be able to use PDP’s upcoming peripheral? There’s no way to know for now, but there are already folks out there asking these questions.

Fortnite Festival is a standalone music rhythm mode recently added to Fortnite alongside LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing during the latest season. You and up to three other players can choose a setlist from available songs, instruments, and difficulty.

Then, it can play a straight-up, Harmonix-developed music game. It includes star ratings, the love-it-or-hate-it Overdrive mechanic, goofy video game stage show choreography… the works.

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