Xumo brings Buzzfeed, Machinima, and more VOD to your TV

Xumo is an app/interface component that adds a huge world of video-on-demand content to your device of choice, without the need to switch between apps or screens. Xumo is at CES this year, showing off some of the latest advancements with their platform. 

LG, Panasonic, and VIZIO have all announced partnerships with the company to incorporate the technology into upcoming smart TV lineups. VIZIO has even gone as far as putting a Xumo button on its D-Series Smart TV remotes, alongside ones for Netflix and iHeartRadio.

Xumo is partnering up with a number of content providers the run the gamut of what's on the net, such as PopSugar, The Onion, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few; Xumo is working to ensure you never ever go back to your phone to watch people being bombarded by puppies (or whatever your preferred type of video is). These content providers will also use the platform to premier exclusive content, with two original series already premiering this week.

The coolest thing about Xumo (compared to the Netflix button it's competing with on VIZIO's remote) is that it allows you to include the VOD channels anywhere in the channel line-up on your TV. For instance one could set Buzzfeed, Machinima and the local CBS channel as channels 1,2, and 3 respectively. There's also the fact that there's a constant stream of VOD shows playing, but users are able to hop ahead to a specific show if they choose.

One more interesting thing about Xumo is how each manufacturer has chosen to integrate it into their Smart TV's UI. One version had the content from each channel sorted into specific categories, so you can sort Buzzfeed by "pets" or "weird questions" for example.

In addition to actually being featured in multiple manufactures' TV natively, Xumo is planning on introducing the idea to smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and set top boxes. For those familiar with the Xbox excosystem, Xumo can be a sort of Xbox OneGuide that reduces the need to download all of those apps available on the Xbox One store just to watch one provider's content.

What hasn’t been currently shown is how Xumo integrates advertising. Xumo is completely free and the company has said there will be an integration of advertisements with the VOD content. If I watch a ton of short videos averaging two minutes or so each I'm not going to want to receive an advertisement for each, so it will be interesting to see how this is balanced in practice.