Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: How to repair BD-1’s Scomp Link

Early on in your Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order adventure, you’ll meet and befriend the lovable droid BD-1, an invaluable companion who, among other useful functions, provides healing stims and projects your mini-map. However, an unavoidable encounter with a Bog Rat will also break BD-1’s Scomp Link, a tool which allows the droid to “slice” (i.e. unlock) certain doors and chests.

Thankfully, you can repair BD-1’s Scomp Link relatively early in the game, but the exact place where you initiate the fix is easy to miss if you’re just trying to blaze through each explorable planet as quickly as possible. In this guide, we’ll cover why repairing BD-1’s Scomp Link is so helpful as well as the exact steps you should follow to repair it as early as possible.

Using the Scomp Link

As you explore early-game planets like Bogano and Zeffo, you might come across large chests or door terminals adorned with red glowing squares. These chests and terminals can only be unlocked after you’ve repaired the Scomp Link, and you’ll definitely want to unlock them since they contain some nifty rewards (in the case of chests) and open the way to shortcuts, hidden side-areas, and even entire new planetary regions (in the case of door terminals).

Head to Zeffo

After reaching the Jedi Vault on Bogano, you’ll be given two potential planets to travel to next: Zeffo or Dathomir. The game’s quest objectives will subtly nudge you towards picking Zeffo first, and you should heed that subtle nudging if you want to repair the Scomp Link. Once you reach Zeffo, proceed along the intended path until you reach the Tomb of Eilram. Take note of the ‘Weathered Monument’ area you journey through shortly before reaching the tomb since you’ll need to return to it a bit later.

Obtain the Force Push Ability

Solving the Tomb of Eilram’s puzzles and reaching its final chamber will unlock the Force Push ability, allowing you to move certain large objects and open up previously blocked passageways by knocking down the barriers that blocked them. After you exit the tomb and return to Zeffo’s surface, make your way back to the Weathered Monument area.

Finding the Scomp Link

On your first trip through the Weathered Monument area, you might have noticed a large doorway at the base of the monument itself which was blocked by rubble. Well, thanks to your new Force Push ability, you can now blast that rubble away and venture into the monument’s interior which has been converted into a sort of hidden Imperial outpost. Follow the intended pathway up the monument interior until you reach a lightsaber workbench. The first time you interact with this workbench, you’ll find a new Scomp Link for BD-1 to use.

Even though the game directs you towards the planet Kashyyyk after exiting the Tomb of Eilram, you can stay behind and use both the Scomp Link and Force Push to access additional areas on Zeffo, especially around the Imperial base near the Weathered Monument. Just note that these additional areas have some advanced enemy types like Purge Troopers and Jotaz, which means you might be better off continuing Fallen Order’s main quest and coming back once you’re stronger.

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