There’s a ton of gaming mice out there, and trying to choose the right one can be overwhelming. Most gaming mice offer similar features, so often the determining factor is price. Cooler Master’s MasterMouse MM530 is an affordable gaming mouse that crams in all the high quality parts and features you’d need from a gaming mouse and sets it at a considerably less expensive price point.

So does it pull off high level features with a low price? Read on.

You can get the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530 for $49.99.

Design and Comfort

The MM530 has an ergonomic design, with a curved body that’s thin in the middle and wider at the base. The fatter base is because Cooler Master has designed the MM530 to be held palm style, though you can hold it claw style comfortably. If you’re primarily a claw-style person, Cooler Master has you covered with their MM520 model.

The MM530 weighs 135.2 grams, making it a little heavier than some other gaming mice, but for me, it hits just the right sweet spot where it’s light enough to not impede movement, but heavy enough where it doesn’t feel like a toy. The build quality here is excellent, particularly the buttons. They’re made of PBT plastic, making the MM530 tougher and more durable than most other mice in this price range. The one misstep Cooler Master made with the MM530 is a rubber cable instead of a braided one. While some people do prefer rubber versus braided, I find braided cables to be more rugged than rubber ones. With the MM530, I found the rubber cable “stuck” a bit more to my desk, slightly hindering my mouse movement.

Aesthetically, the MM530 is pretty basic, but as someone who likes their peripherals to be able to seamlessly blend into an office environment, I think that’s a good thing. It has an all-black matte finish with a speckled texture. There’s three RGB light zones on the MM530 – on the wheel, on the DPI switch right below that, and on the body of the mouse. The one on the body is a small outline around the Cooler Master logo. Overall, the RGB lights on the MM530 are pretty dim – don’t expect it to light up your house like some other gaming mice.

The MM530 is overall quite comfortable, thanks to its curved shape and honeycomb-style textured rubber grips on the sides. I love textured rubber on my mice, and having them on both sides is a great design choice. The two side buttons are clearly differentiated from each other, as well as the rubber side grips, and I never had any accidental presses.

Performance and Features

The MM530 has a PMW-3360 sensor, allowing for high accuracy and smooth glide. It also boasts the industry-standard, high-quality Omron switches, which are simple and satisfying to click and last pretty much forever. Even the slightest movements felt smooth and accurate, and I never felt like my cursor was too out of control or floaty.

Cooler Master has included software to tweak the settings on the MM530. You can adjust the steps of the DPI switch in 100 DPI increments, remap buttons, add custom macros, and change the RGB lighting. Cooler Master also has this feature called TactiX that’s actually pretty nifty. Essentially, you can double up functions on each mouse button, so the same button can be used to fire your gun as well as reload.

To do this, you just press a modifier key on the mouse, which can be mapped to any of your mouse buttons. If you’re the type who loves tons of macros, you can get a lot of use out of this. My only knock on Cooler Master’s software is the UI is a bit ugly. It looks like something out of the original Max Payne. Functionally, however, it works perfectly fine.

One Cool Mouse

Cooler Master has done a great job with the MM530. It smartly sacrificed only superficial features like RGB lighting, and retained all the quality components you’d expect from gaming mice that are double the price. If you’re looking for rock solid construction, top-notch parts, and a great mouse feel, the MM530 offers them in spades.

Those who need tons of RGB lighting might want to look elsewhere, but everyone else looking for the best possible value should do themselves a favor and pick up the MM530.