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Our 12 Favorite Weapons in Fallout 4

With the inclusion of legendary effects and a huge library of mods Fallout 4's weapon library has gone absolutely nuclear. Whether lifted off the corpse of a legendary radroach or looted from the depths of a long abandoned Vault, here are our twelve favorite ways to inflict pain on your foes in Fallout 4

Kneecapper Walking Cane

There are a lot of cool weapons in Fallout 4, but few are quite as mundane as your average walking cane, we're not sure if Bethesda included the walking cane to poke a bit of fun at Assassin's Creed: Syndicate or so that players could roleplay as a homicidal grandpa tired of the feral ghouls that refuse to get off  his lawn while playing the tunes from that dreadful Goodneighbor town.

Regardless, you'll find walking canes hanging around multiple locations in the Commonwealth, but few as entertaining as katam22's KNEECAPPER WALKING CANE, which thanks to the pseudo-radiation magic of Legendary items is especially effective at crippling legs, it's the kind of gift that keeps on giving! Disarm and cripple an enemy raider, then toss the cane a few feet away so they can spread the irony to the next wastelander unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Grognak's Axe

We've seen Grognak for years, read his comics, idolized his bulging pecs and the strength with which he smites his enemies left and right, and now it's time to snag his iconic weapon and bring a warrior's justice to the Commonwealth.

Perfect for any melee build, you can find Grognak's Axe in the destroyed ruins of Hubris Comics a short walk northeast from Diamond City. You'll have to wade through a small army of feral ghouls and pick an expert level lock to get through the display case, but if you're a Viking looking for a proper axe to help you carve out your own spot in the Wasteland it's more than worth it. Grognak's Axe comes with a chance to stagger, and although it's not specifically noted in the damage description, also applies a small amount of bleed with every hit.


There was a serious debate over on Reddit over who had the biggest Gauss Rifle, and although there's no clear winner Eddie4510 had a heck of a contender, with a two-shot Gauss Rifle playfully misspelled as the -Guass, which in his own words is pronounced “Goo-Ass.” It can crank out a whooping 1084 damage off of a single shot.

Over 1000 damage a shot is nothing to laugh at, and given a sneak critical from a character with every rank of the Better Critical perk a single shot from the -Guass can do anywhere from 5-8 times that value, which is more than enough to take down a Super Mutant, Behemoth or no.

The Junk Jet

We've previously shown you how to find the Junk Jet, Fallout 4's new and improved Rock-It Launcher, and I'm sure most of you have found it yourself or seen it in one form or another by now. Yet the weapon still warrants a mention because it allows you to kill enemies with teddy bears, baseballs, money, and, if you're feeling really saucy, nothing is quite as satisfying as beating your enemies senseless with a five-pound typewriter.

As far as damage goes the Junk Jet is far from special, as even after mods and perks you won't surpass some of the bigger meaner guns in the game, but considering the amount of junk in Fallout 4 it's worth rounding up just in case you ever run significantly low on ammo and have to resort to picking off enemies with massive stacks of hundred dollar bills.

The Orbital Beam

I've heard that a lot of people don't like the Laser Musket, citing the high weapon weight, the clunky rate of fire, and the ridiculously high ammo cost. Personally I found that even with all of these flaws it's still one of the most effective weapons in the Commonwealth for slaughtering the biggest of big baddies, and unlike a lot of the legendary weapons in the game you can get your hands on one within an hour of leaving the Vault. Run a few Rifleman upgrades, give it a six-crank capacitor, and before you know it you'll have a one-shot pony that with a full crit meter will guarantee you deliver the damage from six microfusion cells straight to your opponent's noggin. Combine it with any of a number of legendary effects and there aren't many things that'll be in your way for long.

Mohl97's Laser Musket, The Orbital Beam, is the final frontier when it comes to cranked damage. With an unlimited ammo capacity you can fire every microfusion shell in your inventory with a single squeeze of the trigger. It's the kind of gun that we can see breaking through even the thickest of plot armors.

The one drawback of the gun -- before it's fixed in a patch -- is that you have to crank it for every shot in your inventory, because you'll lose the ammo you don't load. With that in mind, you should probably store your excess ammo with a companion and only pull out a few hundred rounds at a time to make sure you don't waste every round on the first legendary you come across -- but then again it might be worth trying to use every round you've scrounged up to try and blow a hole in the Prydwen.  

The Railway rifle

One of the most iconic weapons in the Fallout universe, the Railway rifle made a satisfying return in Fallout 4. Railway spikes are now significantly rarer as far as scavenging goes, but they can be purchased from vendors on the cheap and you can loot them from the bodies of the enemies unfortunate enough to get in the way or your freight train. The base damage of the rifle has been greatly improved over previous iterations and the limb damage is still immense, making it more than worthwhile to find and use at low levels and still valid in late-game combat. Perhaps most important of all, you'll still hear the iconic train whistle while reloading, and railway spikes can still pin enemy limbs and bodies to nearby items in hilarious fashion.

You can find the Railway rifle in a bunker below Big John's Salvage. Follow the Miller Family Radio Signal and the clues that go along with it, and beware the large Super Mutant presence in the area. We wrote up a whole guide to finding it. You're welcome. 

Kremvh's Tooth

Far from a misspelling, Kremvh's Tooth is a legendary machete you can find way down deep inside the Dunwich Borers dungeon. It's a hard slog to even get close to it and you need to be careful not to go diving for it wearing a set of power armor, because the Tooth is at the bottom of a massive water-filled hole and you'll need to be able to swim to exit.

Despite this hassle, Kremvh's Tooth is widely considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Packing both a bleed and a poison effect, it also comes with exceptionally high base damage. That video you saw of some guy slicing up a Deathclaw in two hits? That was with Kremvh's tooth. The best part is that the legendary effects of the Tooth are tied to the blade mod and not the weapon itself, which means you can add the bonuses from Kremvh's Tooth to any of your other legendary machetes, giving you two legendary effects on a single weapon.

Explosive Shotguns

Base shotguns didn't seem to get a whole lot of love this time around in Fallout, as you only have the choice of either a combat or a double barreled variant, and once you start getting into the more dangerous areas of the game they just don't seem to have the punch they need to drop your enemies before they drop you.

Of course if you are fortunate enough to get an explosive variant of the combat shotgun, you've probably found that everyone's favorite scatterguns are still good for something, or everything, as long as your enemy is a safe distance away. Apparently explosive damage for shotguns is calculated separately for each pellet, applies damage to any limbs affected by the AoE, and the damage gets a boost from any relevant explosive perks.  As a result a legendary Explosive Advanced Combat Shotgun, like the one owned by balathustrius, can rip apart everything from your humble army of Feral Ghouls to your pack of hungry Deathclaws. 

The Syringer Rifle

Another weapon that we've taken the time to feature in a guide, the Syringer rifle is a unique blend of all the things we've come to expect from the Fallout universe: off-the-wall style, creative versatility, and capable of causing a bloatfly to rip its way free from the corpse of one of your enemies for the sole purpose of killing the rest of your enemies. Good times.

The Syringer's power comes from the myriad poisons and concoctions you can jam into your enemies' necks, and it lends itself well to almost any build. Melee characters will find it useful as a one-shot weapon to weaken the crowd and cause chaos before they dive in, stealth characters will find it easier to dodge around enemies affected by the Mind Cloud Syringe, and ranged characters can continually pelt enemies with a wide array of useful effects that can end a battle before it even starts.

The Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential

One of the few limiting factors on Fallout 4's laser rifles comes in the form of good old fashioned ammo capacity. If you want a laser sniper rifle capable of doing a ridiculous amount of damage at extraordinary range, you'll have to suffer through a frustrating eight-round magazine.

Fortunately the Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential is the answer to your prayers to Atom, because once you loot it from the secret lab under University Point's credit union you'll be able to slap any mod you want onto the unique laser rifle. Because of its unlimited ammo capacity effect, you'll be able to load it with every microfusion cell in your inventory and pull the trigger until your fingers bleed.

Lorenzo's Artifact Gun

You've probably heard of Parson's State Insane Asylum while wandering the wastes, and if you've been curious about the place as well as the quests and Bobblehead attached to it but never had a chance to swing by, consider giving it a look. To keep things as spoiler-free as possible, we'll just encourage you to be sure to pay special attention to who you side with during the “Secret of Cabot House” quest. Make the right choices and you'll net yourself Lorenzo's Artifact Gun as your reward. 

What makes Lorenzo's Artifact Gun so special? It actually fires a wave of pure force, staggering and at times tossing enemies around like ragdolls if they don't outright explode into a red haze. This makes it one of the most unique and entertaining weapons in the Commonwealth; even though it's far from a Fus Ro Dah it still can send a Deathclaw off a cliff if you're willing to give it the good ol' college try.

For a quick guide on finding the weapon plus a demonstration of the Artifact Gun's effects, check out the video below:

The Broadsider

The Broadsider is one of the possible rewards for completing the quest "Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution" and siding with Captain Ironsides. This is your only opportunity to obtain the Broadsider unless you're on PC and willing to use console commands, so choose carefully. In short, the Broadsider is a non-metaphorical hand cannon firing actual cannonballs. Vault-Tec's description sums up the weapon beautifully:

The Broadsider is the answer to that age-old question: "Would it be fun to walk around and shoot people with a portable naval cannon?" Yes. Yes it would.

The base damage on the Broadsider is extremely high, but it can be unwieldy to use. The ammo can also be really hard to find, although you can buy it in some shops and there's a small stash in the Minutemen's armory you can snag for free. Despite these slight drawbacks it's all worth it the first time you nail an enemy in full power armor with a cannonball. It just makes such a satisfying sound, plus it comes with the warm glow of knowledge that they probably couldn't believe they were being shot by a guy walking around with a piece of 17th century artillery.

What's your favorite Fallout 4 weapon? Let us know in the comments!