Nexus Mods will soon allow mod authors to earn money for their work

Nexus Mods, the massive fan-run site which acts as a centralized mod database for hundreds of PC games, has announced it will be rolling out a pair of new systems in 2018 which will allow modders to earn money for their efforts.

As the team behind Nexus Mods recently explained in a new post on the website, both an official donation points system and a digital storefront will be added to the site in early 2018. When the systems are live, users will be able to contribute money to an official donation pool (Nexus Mods will also put in roughly $5,000-$10,000 each month) and the money placed into the pool will then be converted into donation points that will be doled out to modders based on how many unique downloads their mods have gotten (more downloads equals more points). Those points can then be redeemed for straight cash (paid either via PayPayl or through Amazon gift cards) or other goods which Nexus Mods plans to sell through the storefront such as digital games and even PC hardware.   

To clarify, even folks behind more popular mods shouldn’t expect to get rich from the donation points system, but Nexus Mods says it always wanted to find a way to tangibly reward modders for the work they do, and the donation points/storefront system is an excellent way to do so. Be sure to read the full post from Nexus Mods for the real nitty gritty on how the system will work once it arrives.