Monster Hunter World’s 5.0 update offers new quests and Halloween costumes

Monster Hunter: World hasn’t slowed down its steady stream of free updates, even though they’re taking a little longer to reach the PC version. Console players now have access to version 5.0, which adds many new activities including a seasonal celebration. The most recent patch went live Thursday night, and offers Hunters worldwide a chance to visit an early Halloween party. The event runs from September 20 through October 4, so Hunters have a little less than two weeks to take advantage of the festivities.

The Autumn Harvest Fest is similar to July’s Summer Twilight Fest, and offers many of the same features. Nearly every past event quest is available during the celebration, allowing Hunters a chance to catch up on gear and items they may have missed. Special events like Kulve Taroth and the Devil May Cry crossover make a return, but there are plenty of new things to do as well.

What’s New

Like the Summer Twilight Fest, the Autumn event takes place primarily in the Gathering Hub. You can meet up with fellow Hunters here and take in the decorations, which have a distinctly spooky theme. If you come at night be sure to take a moment to enjoy the fireworks, and consider setting off a few of your own. The canteen has been decorated with some enormous Palico-inspired jack-o-lanterns, and all of the NPCs changed into seasonal, Victorian inspired outfits. Even the Palicos got into the act, dressing themselves up like pumpkin-headed ghosts for the occasion. Your handler and pet pig Poogie also gain special costumes to get into the holiday spirit.

Visiting the canteen in the Gathering Hub allows access to a special meal, available only during the event. This Autumn Platter raises your elemental resistance by two steps and will almost always trigger all three special effects since it’s made with fresh ingredients. What’s more, other vendors in the Gathering Hub and the Tradeyard will offer their wares at a 50 percent discount while the event is active.

Every day you log in during the event, you’ll receive a special Autumn Harvest Ticket. These can be used for a variety of special costumes and armor, so it’s worth checking in every day to make sure you get as many as you can. The normal weekly limited bounties offered by the research commission will rotate on a daily basis, and completing these can earn Harvest Tickets as well. Completing all of the limited bounties can earn you up to five Harvest Tickets every day, and you’ll need plenty if you want to make or buy all the new items available during the event.

New gear

These Autumn Harvest Tickets unlock several clothing options for your Hunter, and can be used to craft the Harvest set or Harvest Layered armor, useful if you’d prefer to change just your look instead of messing up your stat bonuses. Male characters who wear the Harvest set gain a cloaked look that resembles the Headless Horseman, while female characters take on the appearance of a gourd-covered witch complete with a jaunty pointed hat.

To craft the layered version that doesn’t change your armor’s stats, all you need is five tickets and 5000 research points. If you’d prefer to craft the armor set or one of its individual pieces, you’ll need some additional components. There are two versions of the Harvest set, both a high and low-rank version, and each has separate stats and item requirements. The different sets also have different color schemes, so completionists or those who want to mix and match the colors may want to make both.

Each of the low rank pieces starts off with 26 defense and gives four Fire resistance and one to every other element. To craft low rank armor, you’ll need 1,500 Zenny, one Autumn Harvest Ticket, and one Sturdy Bone for each piece.

  • The Harvest Flor is head armor and provides one rank of Focus.
  • The Harvest Tronco is chest armor, and gives one rank of Tremor Resistance.
  • Harvest Trama are the armguards, and give one rank of Resentment.
  • Harvest Hoja is the belt, and gives one rank of Constitution.
  • Harvest Raiz are pants, and give the Mushroomancer ability.

The high-ranked armor set is a palette-swap of the lower ranked armor, but offers considerably better statistics and some slots for decorations. Each piece starts with 52 armor value, 4 Fire Resistance, and 1 to every other elemental resistance. You still probably won’t want to face off against a dragon in it, but it’s not quite as disposable as the low-rank set. Tickets can be obtained as described above, and you can get the other materials by searching bonepiles in high rank zones.

Each of the higher ranked armor pieces has the same armor bonuses as the low ranked version, but adds a level 1 and a level 2 slot for decorations

  • The Harvest Flor alpha requires 9000 Zenny, one Autumn Harvest Ticket, two Monster Hardbones, and one Monster Keenbone.
  • The Harvest Tronco alpha requires 9000 Zenny, one Autumn Harvest Ticket, one Monster Hardbone, and one Monster Keenbone.
  • The Harvest Trama alpha require 9000 Zenny, one Autumn Harvest Ticket, one Monster Hardbone, and one Monster Keenbone.
  • The Harvest Hoja alpha requires  9000 Zenny, one Autumn Harvest Ticket, two Monster Hardbones, and one Monster Keenbone.
  • The Harvest Raiz alpha requires 9000 Zenny, one Autumn Harvest Ticket, one Monster Hardbone, and one Monster Keenbone.

Your Palico can also get into the holiday spirit, and you can dress it up as a pumpkin headed ghost complete with a jack-o-lantern weapon if you like. The Ghost Set alpha offers excellent Fire protection for your Palico, and decent resistance to every other element type. 

  • The Felyne Jack-o-Lantern weapon deals blunt damage and has a chance to cause 240 Fire damage on a successful hit. Crafting the weapon requires one Autumn Harvest Ticket, 400 research points, and one Carbalite Ore.
  • The Felyne Meowloween Mask requires one Autumn Harvest Ticket, 300 research points, and one Carbalite Ore.
  • Finally, the Felyne Ghost Garb requires one Autumn Harvest Ticket, 300 research points, and one Carbalite Ore.

One final addition during the Autumn Harvest Fest allows Hunters to change their Guild Cards with a pumpkin background and pose. Several autumn themed keywords were also added and can be used to describe yourself.

New quests

In addition to all the returning event quests, a couple of brand new ones make their debut during the Harvest Fest. Hunters who favor Dual Blades can earn a new weapon based on the elusive Downy Crake, and there’s a new quest which offers pig and cat masks as a reward. What’s more, this is the first time Hunters outside Japan will be able to tackle the second USJ quest, previously only available as a promotion for visiting the Monster Hunter attraction at Universal Studios Japan.

Let’s start with those Dual Blades. The event quest “Where Sun Meets Moon” kicks it off, and it’s a pretty low level affair, requiring only that you kill a low rank Tobi-Kadachi and Pukei-Pukei in the Ancient Forest. Doing so rewards you with a Downy Crake ticket. You’ll need three tickets to fully upgrade the Downy Crake Dual blades, so you may want to run this quest a few times in a row to make sure you have enough before heading to the forge.

Crafting the low-rank Downy Crake brooms isn’t much of a challenge, and requires one ticket, three Paolumu pelts, five Sturdy Bones, and two Sleep Sacs. The blades by themselves aren’t very good, but fortunately can be upgraded to a much higher rank weapon which has the potential to be very useful.

Adding two more Downy Crake tickets, three Paolumu Pelt +, three Coma Sacs, and one High Commendation upgrades the Downy Crake Brooms to Downy Crake Love, a much higher ranked weapon. It’s not a high-damage weapon, but since it has the Sleep element attached it can be incredibly handy when playing in a group.

Dual Blades are the fastest weapon in the game, and every hit with these weapons has the potential to force a monster to take a nap. They’re not quite as good as the highest level Kulu-Ya-Ku dual blades (which also cause sleep), but are considerably easier to craft and deal slightly more damage.

Moving on, the USJ quest “USJ Blazing Azure Stars!” gives international Hunters the chance to craft a unique set of armor previously only available in Japan. This is a higher level quest than the previous USJ offering, requiring the player to be at least Hunter Rank 13 before they can accept the challenge. The quest itself is pretty straightforward, asking the player to track down and kill a Dodogama and an Azure Rathalos in the Elder’s Recess.

Neither creature is any more difficult to take down than normal, but they tend to hang around the same area and can become overwhelming if you try to fight both at the same time. Bring along some Dung pods to separate them, as well as some Flash pods to knock the Rathalos out of the sky. The Rathalos can poison you with its tail or claws, so it may be a good idea to bring some Antidotes as well.

Both creatures have different elemental weaknesses but both take normal damage from Ice element weapons, so consider bringing an Ice weapon along if you don’t want to have to switch midway through the quest. If you’re affected by Dodogama’s Blastblight or Rathalos’ fire breath, you can eat a Nulberry or dodge roll three times to clear the effect. The fight may head into a hot zone, but fortunately there are some free Cool Drinks at your base camp which will help stave off the heat.

Taking down both blue monsters will reward you with at least one Azure Stargem, the catalyst for the Azure Starlord alpha set. You’ll need five Stargems to complete the outfit, so running the quest a few times in a row isn’t a terrible idea. The full Azure Starlord set offers 281 initial armor and good defense vs. the Fire, Water, and Dragon elements, with no elemental weaknesses.

Wearing two pieces will give the Critical Element bonus, and wearing four gives Mind’s Eye/Ballistics. The set resembles an ornate samurai outfit with gold filigree and a glowing blue gem in the chestpiece. It’s a unique look, so it’s worth crafting if you’d like to show off to other Hunters.

  • The Azure Starlord Crown is the head armor, and requires 12,000 Zenny, one Stargem, five Dodogama Scale+, 6 Dodogama Hide+, and three Dodogama Jaws. It has one level 3 slot for decorations and grants the Agitator bonus.
  • The Azure Starlord Armor is the chest armor, and requires 12,000 Zenny, one Stargem, six Azure Rathalos Scale+, four Azure Rathalos Wings, and two Rathalos Medullas. It has one level 2 decoration slot and grants the Handicraft bonus.
  • The Azure Starlord Gauntlets are the wrist armor, and require 12,000 Zenny, one Stargem, five Dodogama Scale+, six Dodogama Hide+, and four Dodogama Talons. They have one level 3 decoration slot and give two ranks of Recovery Up when worn.
  • The Azure Starlord Tassets is the waist armor, and require 12,000 Zenny, one Stargem, six Azure Rathalos Scale+, five Azure Rathalos Carapaces, and three Azure Rathalos tails. They have a single level 2 decoration slot and grant one rank of Handicraft.
  • The Azure Starlord Guards are the leg armor, and require 12,000 Zenny, one Stargem, five Dodogama Scale+, five Azure Rathalos Carapaces, and three Dodogama Tails. They have a level 3 decoration slot and give one rank of Critical Boost.

The Azure Star Blade Longsword from the earlier USJ quest can finally be upgraded using materials from this quest. You’ll need to have crafted the sword by completing the “USJ: Gold Star Treatment” event previously. Fortunately, this quest returns so you have another chance if you missed it during the Summer Twilight Fest.

Upgrading the Azure Star Blade to the Azure Star “Dragon Dance” will cost two Stargems, two Dodogama Talons, One Rathalos Ruby, one Novacrystal, and 32,000 Zenny. The weapon has a unique look and vastly increased stats over the base model. The “Dragon Dance” version offers 495 attack, 30 percent affinity, white sharpness, and 180 Water element damage on a successful proc. It also includes a single level 3 decoration slot, making it one of the better Water element weapons available in the Longsword category.

Even more new quests

Two more event quests make their debut during the Autumn Harvest Fest. Hunters can now test their skills against Arch-tempered Kushala Daora by taking on “The Eye of the Storm” event quest. Arch-Tempered monsters are significantly more difficult to defeat than the already tough Tempered variety, and a single mistake usually means someone’s riding the cart back to base camp. For this reason, Hunters below rank 50 can’t initiate these quests or join them in progress.

Arch-Tempered versions of Teostra, Kirin, and Vaal Hazak are also available during the event, repeating from earlier appearances. Additional Arch-Tempered monsters will be appearing soon; the next event immediately after the Autumn Harvest fest will introduce Arch-Tempered Lunastra, and Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros won’t be far behind. Let us know if you’d like guides to these more difficult versions of the Elder Dragon fights in the comments below.

The final new quest appearing during the Autumn Harvest Fest is called “A Royal Pain,” and it’s one of the sillier quests available right now. This one’s pretty simple and just requires you to take out a Pink Rathian and a regular one, then deliver the tickets earned by doing so to the Research Commission in the center of the tradeyard. This will earn you the Mosswine Mask and Faux Felyne layered armor, allowing you to give your Hunter a cat or pig mask with no hit to your stats. You’ll need one ticket for each mask, so you may need to complete this quest twice to craft both.

More events are on their way, including a third collaboration with Horizon: Zero Dawn for Hunters on the PS4. The upcoming quest will allow Hunters to craft layered armor and dress like Aloy without removing their favorite armor and abilities. The Autumn Harvest Fest offers a chance to complete the previous Horizon quests to PlayStation-based Hunters, so be sure to take advantage while you can. We’ll have a full guide for “The Heart of the Nora” when it goes live sometime next month.