How to defeat the Behemoth in Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World’s latest update adds an epic crossover with one of Japan’s other most popular RPG franchises, bringing creatures from the Final Fantasy universe to the New World. The centerpiece of the crossover is a brand new monster encounter with a Behemoth, one of the iconic monsters that usually appears near the endgame of Final Fantasy titles.

This is an extremely tough fight, and requires more coordination and tactics than most other battles in Monster Hunter: World. We’ll let you know what to expect, and provide some strategies that will help you take down the beast.

Recapturing the crystal


Before you can engage with Behemoth, you’ll need to complete some story quests. After your game has been updated to version 5.00, you’ll notice a Serious handler standing next to the research team in Astera’s tradeyard. Approach her, and she’ll let you know about a beast from another world that seems to have appeared in the Wildspire wastes. This will unlock the Special Assignment, “A visitor from Another World” at the handler and quest boards. You’ll need to be at least Hunter Rank 16 before you can attempt this quest, so you’ll need to have beaten the game’s main storyline first.

Once you travel to the Wildspire Wastes, you’ll notice a strange plant-like creature running around. This is a Cactaur, and it’s not supposed to be here. Follow it until you find a group of them in a circle, and a brief cutscene will trigger.  If you happen to pull out your bug net during this stage, you can catch one and keep it as a pet in your room in Astera.

After the Cactaurs lead you to a crystal, a Kulu-Ya-Ku appears and steals it, because it’s the biggest, shiniest rock it’s ever seen. You’ll need to track down the overgrown bird and get the crystal back. This is easier said than done, because holding onto the crystal is granting the Kulu-Ya-Ku considerable strength and resistances. It also makes the bird much larger and faster, so don’t underestimate it just because it looks goofy and the Chocobo theme is playing in the background. You can ask the native Lynians for help if you can find them, or fire an S.O.S. flare to bring in more party members.

The augmented Kulu-Ya-Ku has much more HP than a normal version, hits harder, cannot be stunned by flash pods, can’t be trapped, and will never drop the crystal no matter how much you hit it or sling ammunition at it. The crystal has a huge hitbox, and acts just like a normal Kulu-Ya-Ku rock, deflecting melee weapons and acting as a shield against projectiles. Try to attack the bird from the rear, and don’t bother being gentle; you can’t capture this creature, so go all out with your attacks. Due to its immense size, defeating it will earn a golden crown in your research log.

Once you’ve slain the Kulu-Ya-Ku, you’ll return with the crystal to Astera, and the lost Moogle who appeared from within will explain what’s been happening. A cutscene will let you know that creatures from his world were brought here by the crystal, and there’s one more you haven’t seen yet.

First contact with Behemoth

After this cutscene plays out, you’ll be able to take on the next step of the quest, and engage with Behemoth for the first time. The new quest “The Legendary Beast” will show up under Special Assignments, and this time you’re off to the Elder’s Recess. You don’t have to defeat Behemoth during your first encounter with it, but will need to deal enough damage to drive it away. This is a good opportunity to learn some of the mechanics and differences between Behemoth and every other monster you’ve fought so far.

It’s possible to earn some loot drops during this quest by breaking Behemoth’s horns, front legs, or tail, and you can get even more if you equip your Palico with the Plunderblade gadget. His massive claws can cause the Bleed effect if you get stepped on. You can clear this effect by consuming Astera Jerky or a Sushifish scale, or simply crouch without attacking or dodging for a few seconds until the effect is cleared.

Behemoth doesn’t telegraph his attacks like most other monsters, but the text feed on the right side of the screen lets you know what to expect next. There are several spells to watch out for, and we’ll go over each one and how it affects the battlefield.

The most important spell to watch out for is Behemoth’s Ecliptic Meteor, which will one-shot any Hunter caught in its area of effect. The spell summons a gigantic meteor, and is telegraphed by a deep red glow coming from the site where the meteor will impact. You can’t even avoid the effect by using a Farcaster, and must use some specific tactics to keep from being dragged back to camp on a cart. There are a couple of ways to avoid this, and we’ll go over those a little further down.

Behemoth’s other spells aren’t quite as deadly, but can make the battle much tougher if you don’t know how they work or how to avoid them.

Charybdis is a wind spell, and places a lingering tornado on the battlefield. It’s similar to the storms called up by Kushala Daora, but deals more damage and lasts longer. This spell will target one of the players, and they’ll notice wind swirling around them before the attack lands. If you’re targeted by this ability, try to bring the storm to the edge of the battlefield so it won’t become a barrier to your teammates. The Windproof armor ability is no help, but Charybdis can be interrupted by launching a Flash Pod at Behemoth or hitting him in the head with a Crystalburst. There’s a brief window in between Charybdis showing up in the feed and the spell going off, so try to block as many as possible to keep the battlefield from becoming a windy mess. Bring as many flash bugs and flash pods as you can carry, and familiarize yourself with crafting more when there’s a break in the action.

Comet is a fire spell, and drops a boulder on top of a player which will remain on the battlefield until destroyed. Watch for a red flash near your character which indicates that you’re the player being targeted. The round rocks are just large enough to hide behind when Ecliptic Meteor is cast, and standing behind one will protect you from the blast radius. They can be destroyed by careless Hunters or by Behemoth’s charging attacks, to try not to hit them if at all possible. If you see a comet is targeting you, try to place it in a position which will be accessible to your fellow Hunters when Behemoth casts Ecliptic Meteor.

Meteor is another fire spell, and drops a fireball on one of the players. This one won’t leave a rock behind, but does heavy damage and causes the burn status effect. You can douse the flames by eating a Nulberry or by dodge rolling three times to put them out. Meteor does a big chunk of damage, but isn’t nearly as deadly as the powered up Ecliptic version. You’ll see where it’s about to hit because a red ring will appear on the ground, and you can avoid it by rolling out of the way.

Unsurprisingly, Thunderbolt does Thunder damage. This is a wide area attack that sends electricity out from Behemoth’s head in a fan-shaped pattern. It’s difficult to avoid this attack but fortunately, it doesn’t do as much damage as most of his other abilities.

Behemoth has a unique trait called Enmity, and it’s sort of like maintaining aggression in an MMORPG. Doing damage to the beast will cause it to target one player more than the others, and the targeted player will have a red line in the air showing they currently have Behemoth’s attention. If you’re the one he’s focusing on, try to lure him into environmental hazards like the Crystal boulders and keep him away from any Charybdis tornadoes still active on the battlefield. The targeted player may want to don their Temporal Mantle to better avoid incoming damage, and the other three should attack more aggressively while he’s focusing on a single person. Behemoth’s chest will glow red when it’s targeting someone, so it’s easy to spot even if you don’t notice the line in the air.

The Legendary Beast quest is very generous, allowing up to eight faints before failure. Behemoth’s Hit Points are scaled to four players no matter how many are fighting with it, so you may want to fire an S.O.S. flare if you’re having trouble doing enough damage by yourself. Once you manage to drive it away, you’ll return to Astera for another council with the Serious Handler and the Moogle.

Gearing up for Behemoth

Your next challenge is to actually defeat a Behemoth, and the quest “He Taketh It With His Eyes” is much tougher than anything most Hunters have experienced so far. Upon your return, the council will reconvene and you’ll earn a new emote based on the Dragoon’s jump from Final Fantasy. Unlike most emotes, this one is potentially very useful and should be bound to your quick-access menu before you take on the next quest.

The Final Fantasy XIV Jump lets you leave the battle for a few seconds and then land on a monster’s head with your weapon. When used with proper timing, this will let you avoid the Ecliptic Meteor’s damage, though it’s a risky move and should only be used as a last resort. It’s still better to hide behind a Comet rock if you have the option.

Armor with Fire and/or Thunder resist will help you take less damage, but it’s far more important to select gear with helpful abilities. Most of Behemoth’s attacks can be avoided outright, so it’s better to select armor based on its abilities than its resistances.

 Your weapon should probably have the Dragon, Ice or Water element. Behemoth is weakest to Dragon attacks, and resists the Fire and Thunder elements. Weapons made from Xeno’jiiva or Deviljho parts have the Dragon element, so pick one of these if you have the option.

Behemoth doesn’t scale when faced by less than four Hunters, so there’s little advantage to fighting it without a group. Take this into account when selecting the rest of your gear, and plan to use abilities which will help in a group setting.

Armor and Tools

Armor with the Wide Range effect is extremely helpful, allowing you to share the effect of healing potions and other boosts. Lunastra’s armor set has level two Wide Range on the legs, and can be combined with a level three Friendship Charm to maximize the effect. The Friendship charm is made primarily from Tzitzi-Ya-Ku parts, and will need a Novacrystal and a High Commendation to upgrade fully. Utility effects like Earplugs and Tremor Resist are also helpful, and can keep Behemoth from locking you in place for a nasty attack.

For your tools, you should definitely bring the Temporal Mantle, which will automatically let you dodge incoming attacks. This is great to avoid damage if you have Behemoth’s Enmity, and can also be used to get in some damage of your own without fear of reprisal. Your other tool should be something that helps the group; both the Health and Affinity boosters are good choices.

You’ll need a lot of items to bring down Behemoth, and knowing when and how to use them is vital. You may want to create a separate loadout just for this fight. Bringing extra ingredients to craft more of certain items than you can carry will help get your party through the battle in one piece.

You should definitely bring 10 Flash Bugs and 3 Flash Pods, and don’t be shy about firing them at Behemoth when it starts casting Charybdis. Behemoth won’t physically react to the Flash pods and won’t be blinded, but they do interrupt the spell and can keep a tornado from landing on the battlefield. If you run out, back away from the fight and craft more pods from the bugs as quickly as you can.

Bringing as many health potions and Mega health potions as you can is never a bad idea, and don’t forget to pick up the First Aid and EZ Mega potions provided in the Supply Box when you arrive at camp. You can also bring 10 herbs and 10 honey to craft more potions than you can carry, or use the honey to upgrade the First Aid from the box. There are also Cool Drinks in the box, so chug one if the fight goes into one of the Elder Recess’ hot zones. You can also craft them on the way by picking up Chillshrooms.

Lifepowder heals the entire group, so bring as much as you can. You can make more by combining a Godbug with a Blue Mushroom, so consider bringing lots of these as well.

Even though it’s not technically a dragon, Behemoth follows the same rules as the elder dragons from the main game. As such, it can’t be trapped or captured, so don’t bother bringing any traps along.

You can bring Astera Jerky or Sushifish Scales to clear the Bleeding effect, but it’s not hard to avoid Behemoth’s claws and you can clear the effect without an item as discussed above. Similarly, you can use Nulberries to remove a burn, but Meteors can be avoided and it may not be worth the item slot.

You should definitely bring a Farcaster, even though the item won’t save you from Ecliptic Meteor. It’s always better to avoid carting by flying back to camp than to die, lose your buffs, and have to run back to the fight anyway. Use the Farcaster if you get into trouble, and remember you can pick up another from your item box by entering the tent at the campsite.

Bring some Mega Barrel Bombs. You may not get a chance to place them, but if your group manages to put Behemoth to sleep you’ll be glad you have them.

For your pre-fight meal, do your best to eat something which grants the “Felyne Insurance” ability. Behemoth’s quest only allows three faints between all party members, but Felyne Insurance gives the group one extra chance before failing. If someone in your session uses a Meal Voucher, there’s a much higher chance of getting this buff.

Taking down Behemoth

Behemoth is a multi-stage, prolonged battle, and you’ll need to work together with your fellow Hunters to have a chance at bringing him down. Situational awareness is key, and you’ll likely have much greater success if you work with a crew you know rather than a group of random players. Failing that, try to squad up and use microphones to coordinate with the other hunters.

Behemoth’s weak points are its tail and head. Unfortunately, it’s so large that hitting these can be difficult if you’re not using a ranged weapon. Melee attackers can hit the legs hard enough to cause Behemoth to stumble occasionally, and the party can work its tail and head when it falls. It can also be ridden if someone can land on its back, and will stop casting spells as long as a player is riding it.

Behemoth is equally vulnerable to all status effects, so weapons that inflict them (such as the Light Bowgun) can be extremely helpful. If someone manages to put it to sleep, break off the attack and place your Barrel Bombs near the head. The first attack against a sleeping monster always deals double damage, so this is a great way to take a big chunk out of Behemoth without risking any damage in return.

The first cavern where you encounter Behemoth has a couple of loose crystalline formations hanging overhead. Try to lure Behemoth under these, then destroy them to drop rocks on its head for massive damage. Behemoth shouldn’t use Ecliptic Meteor in the first room, but will use all of its other abilities. Deal enough damage to it and it will retreat to the open section of Elder’s Recess with a slope on one side and a short ledge on the other.

This area is where Behemoth will begin using Ecliptic Meteor, though it’ll drop some Comets first so that you have something to hide behind. Ecliptic Meteor is triggered when Behemoth gets to a certain health threshold, so you may need to hold off a bit if there aren’t any comets. If Ecliptic Meteor is cast and you don’t have anything to hide behind, trigger your Jump emote and pray you got the timing right. Unfortunately, it’s possible to be mid-jump and still get hit by the Meteor; there’s some travel time as you’re ascending when you’re still vulnerable.

Ecliptic Meteor will hit everything on screen, but you can tell if you’ll be safe if the red light from its approach is blocked by one of the comets. Breaking line of sight with the impact zone is sufficient to protect you from the killing blow, and as long as you’re roughly on the dark side of the boulder you should be safe.

The third section is Nergigante’s nest, but fortunately all the other monsters cleared out when Behemoth showed up. This area can be tough to get through if Behemoth has cast a lot of Charybdis tornadoes, so try to limit how often he’s allowed to land this spell.

If you don’t finish Behemoth in the third area, he may move into a hot zone. Make sure to use a Cool Drink before heading in or the heat damage will chip away at your health constantly.

Slaying Behemoth doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve won, since it’ll call down one final Ecliptic Meteor as an act of revenge. Be ready for this final attack, because you can still fail if your party gets killed even after slaying the beast. What’s worse, you won’t get to carve the body for drops if you fail in this way.

Victory Fanfare

Behemoth is a tough fight, and victory may be elusive. Fortunately, the rewards are worth fighting for.

The Drachen Alpha set is based on Final Fantasy’s Dragoon class and has a sleek, shiny appearance. The set focuses on boosting the wearer’s Affinity, helping critical hits do more damage. If you’re having trouble bringing Behemoth down, you can also earn drops for the armor by repeating the “Legendary Beast” quest. Each piece of the set starts with 72 physical defense and boosts Thunder resistance by 3 and Dragon resistance by four, lowering Fire, Ice and Water resistances by 2 apiece.

  • The Drachen Armet is a helmet and requires 2 Behemoth Mane, 3 Behemoth Bones, 1 Behemoth Great Horn, 3 Aetheryte Shard, and 20,000 Zenny. It provides rank 1 Critical Boost and one rank of the Airborne skill. It has one level 3 decoration slot and one of level 1.
  • The Drachen Mail is chest armor and will cost 2 Behemoth Mane, 3 Behemoth Bones, 2 Behemoth Shearclaw, 2 Dragonbone Relics (a rare drop from bonepiles), and 20,000 Zenny. It grants rank 2 Critical Eye and rank 1 Critical Boost. It has a single level 3 decoration slot.
  • The Drachen Vambraces are gloves and require 3 Behemoth Manes, 3 Behemoth Bones, 1 Behemoth Great Horn, 1 Behemoth Tail, and 20,000 Zenny. These provide rank 2 Critical Eye and rank 1 Attack Boost. They have two level 2 decoration slots.
  • The Drachen Coil is a belt and will cost 1 Behemoth Mane, 2 Behemoth Bones, 1 Behemoth Tail, 2 Novacrystals, and 20,000 Zenny. It grants rank 2 Critical Eye and rank 1 Power Prolonger, and has a single level 3 decoration slot.
  • The Drachen Greaves are leg armor and require 1 Behemoth Mane, 2 Behemoth Bones, 1 Behemoth Shearclaw, 2 Firecell Stones (a rare drop from high level mining outcrops) and 20,000 Zenny. The greaves grant rank 2 Attack boost, rank 1 Critical Boost, and have a single slot for a level 2 decoration.

One new weapon was added as well, and Insect Glaive enthusiasts will enjoy the brand new Gae Bolg. The glaive appears at the bottom of the Insect Glaive’s crafting tree at the workshop and costs 3 Behemoth Bones, 2 Behemoth Shearclaws, 3 Aetheryte Shards, 3 Firecell Stones, and 32,000 Zenny. The weapon has a single level 1 decoration slot, deals 240 Dragon element damage, has blue sharpness, 558 attack, 10% affinity, high Elderseal capability, and the Kinsect bonus is Element boost.

It can be upgraded to the True Gae Bolg with 2 Behemoth Bones, 2 Behemoth Great Horns, 1 Behemoth tail, 5 Elder Dragon Blood, and 56,000 Zenny. This will boost the attack to 589, up the affinity by 10%, increase the Dragon element damage to 300, and upgrade the decoration slot to level 2. Both versions of the weapon can show off a cool blue dragon effect if the proper emote is triggered.

Your Palico can join in the fun with a full armor set and a new weapon. The Moogle Alpha set requires 1 Behemoth Mane, 1 Behemoth Tail, 1 Aetheryte Shard, and 1500 research points. The set will let your cat buddy hover around the battlefield and gives it 6 defense against Thunder and Dragon, but lowers all other resistances by 4. The set grants a respectable 395 physical defense, making it one of the better armor sets available in addition to looking cute.

There’s also a crossover Palico weapon, the Gold Chocobo Rod. This blunt weapon requires 1 Behemoth Bone, 1 Behemoth Shearclaw, 1 Aetheryte Shard, and 600 research points to craft. It does Dragon element damage, has average Elderseal capability, and offers a +20 defense bonus.

Up for the challenge?

Behemoth is without question one of the most challenging fights in Monster Hunter: World, and failure is almost assured without good teamwork and a group that knows what they’re doing. Try not to get too mad if your group fails, and be persistent. Behemoth isn’t a timed event, so you can always build better gear and try again later.

Behemoth won’t be available in the PC version when it launches next week, but several of the other timed quests from earlier in the year will go live on an accelerated schedule. If you missed them, we’ve written guides for how to break Kulve Taroth’s horns, how to earn the Mega Man outfit for your Palico, the Sakura and Ryu outfits from Street Fighter V, and Dante’s outfit and weapon from Devil May Cry. All of these should be heading to the PC version over the next couple of months, so if it’s your first time playing Monster Hunter: World, make sure to check back when those events go live.

Good luck!