Far Cry 5: Five must-have weapons

As you explore Far Cry 5’s cultist-infested version of Montana, you’ll find a whole bunch of different weapons to use against the machinations of Joseph Seed and his followers, so many that it can actually feel a little overwhelming. Experimenting with different weapons to see which ones gel with your playstyle can be its own sort of fun, but if you’re preparing for a specific sort of mission, sometimes you only want the best of the best. Below, you’ll find five of the most essential weapons in Far Cry 5 along with the criteria for unlocking them (if applicable).

Going In Quietly: 1911 Pistol With Silencer

Unlock Criteria: None (silencer attachment must be purchased before use)

Amazingly enough, the standard 1911 pistol you start the game with is actually one of the best guns you can have if you prefer to take a more stealthy approach to combat. The 1911’s overall stats are quite good, especially its handling, and they’re made even better once you add some attachments to it.

Throw on a silencer, a reflex scope, and an extended magazine for good measure, and you’ve got one of the best close-range stealth weapons in the entire game. Alternatively, if you prefer long-range stealth, you should go for either the Compound Bow or the standard AR-CL sniper rifle with an attached silencer.

Close-Quarters Mayhem: Spas-12

Unlock Criteria: Gain a total of six levels of Resistance across the three in-game regions

Out of all the different shotguns you can wield in Far Cry 5, the Spas-12 is one of the best. It has the highest rate of fire of any shotgun and its other stats aren’t too shabby either. You can also soup it up by adding an extended magazine and a new ammo type like incendiary rounds if you want to really bring the pain. If you don’t want to wait until you’ve acquired the requisite Resistance levels, you can also purchase the Spas-12’s “Flameout” alternate (the only difference between the two is that the Flameout has a themed weapon skin), though it is a tad pricey. 

Making Vehicles Go Bye-Bye: RAT4

Unlock Criteria: Gain a total of four levels of Resistance across the three in-game regions

In terms of stats, the RAT4 rocket launcher isn’t any different from the game’s one other launcher, the RPG-7. However, the RAT4 can also lock on to vehicles, making it an excellent option for disposing of pesky choppers or sturdier ground vehicles like trucks. The RAT4 also allows for manual missile guidance, ensuring that each payload goes exactly where you intended it to.

Assailing Enemies From Afar: AR-CL

Unlock Criteria: Purchase from the in-game store for $2,000 (in-game cash)

Similar to Far Cry 5’s shotgun options, you have quite a selection to choose from if sniper rifles are more your jam, but it turns out the basic AR-CL is one of the best when you want to mount a direct assault. This is because the AR-CL functions well as both a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, making it a solid choice for both long-range and mid-range engagements.

The AR-CL can only fire in semi-auto mode, but it also has very low recoil and can be augmented with attachments like an extended magazine and a silencer, further enhancing its versatility. If you’re looking for a good all-around weapon for engaging enemies at virtually any distance, the AR-CL is a very solid choice.

Giving Cultists A Beatdown: Brass Knuckles

Unlock Criteria: Gain a total of three levels of Resistance across the three in-game regions

Melee weapons in Far Cry 5 can be surprisingly effective when used under the right conditions, and the Brass Knuckles are one of the best melee options you can choose. Granted, you can’t throw them like you can other melee options like the Shovel or Baseball Bat, but they have the best handling of any melee weapon in the entire game.

They also replace your standard Fists melee option, which means they’re pretty fast as well, especially if you grab the Close Combat Mastery perk and/or buff yourself with drugs like The Fast and the Furious. The Brass Knuckles may not be the best choice when you want to keep your enemies at a distance, but when it comes to giving foes an up close and personal sendoff, there’s no better option.

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