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Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Primary Needs, Cybernetics, and Witcher Armor

It's another amazing day in the Commonwealth and the mods are still flowing in like Synths out of the Railroad, so here are our latest picks of the cream of the Nuka Cola for this week's Mods of the Week.

Place Everywhere

Via NexusMods 

Fallout 4's workshop system is one of the most rewarding and detailed elements of Bethesda's nuclear-apocalypse-simulator-4000.Yet there's nothing more frustrating than dealing with the rampant clipping issues and somewhat absurd logic that governs where and when an item can be placed in a specific area. Players have notoriously worked around the red highlights using both the console and by creatively exploiting welcome mats for months now, but thanks to Place Everywhere by TheLich players no longer need to do even that.

As advertised, Place Everywhere allows you to build structures and place items anywhere and everywhere, regardless of proximity to other items or even the ground. So take off the kid gloves and finally build the settlement you've been dreaming of (with half the cursing and constant mouse waggling as you attempt to attach a door to your post-modern nuclear bunker).

Primary Needs (Realism – Food and Water)

Via NexusMods 

Fallout mods and primary needs have gone hand in hand for years, adding an element of realism and extra layer of challenge for players that want to play more of a survival-focused version of Fallout. Of course without the assistance of a G.E.C.K. this is notoriously hard to pull off, but thanks to modder opsedar and his philosophical understanding of our fundamental addiction to food and water we have Primary Needs (Realism – Food and Water) to add a bit of hunger to the Commonwealth.

Primary Needs (Realism – Food and Water) modifies the base attributes of almost every food item in the game and builds off of Fallout 4's chem addiction mechanic to create a soft hunger system where you have to fight off your addiction to food and water by gorging yourself on anything you can get your hands on. Of course allowing you to shove almost any kind of food down your throat would be too easy, so it also modifies the values you receive based off of whether the food is cooked or raw, pre-war or post-war, and a number of other options to make a true blue survival experience. It's a fantastic mod and will only get better once opsedar gets his hands on the G.E.C.K.

Cross Pre-War Cybernetics

Via NexusMods 

Cybernetics are far from a new concept in the Fallout universe. Players could buy implants in Fallout: New Vegas to boost specific stats and abilities, and of course a certain plot-important character from the Institute has a number of cybernetic enhancement himself to make him stronger, faster, better, etc in Fallout 4. Unfortunately this is the last we hear of these enhancements in Fallout 4, which is the void that Cross Pre-War Cybernetics fills beautifully.

Cross Pre-War Cybernetics adds several pieces of gear to the game that can be crafted and modified at a unique workstation to give a number of bonuses to recoil, agility, strength, and even varying levels of stealth camo based on what mods you choose. The base set of gear looks like a scaled down power armor frame, the medium variant is essentially Kellog's armor, and the third variant is like a set of scaled down T60 power armor, each with scaling damage resistances and some pretty hefty material costs.  All in all the costs are more than worth the payoff and the armor adds a nice bit of continuity to the Institute's technowizardry.

Valentine REBORN – Nick Face Retexture – HD Synth Eyes and Teeth – Gen1 Metal Skeleton

Via NexusMods 

Nick Valentine is arguably one of the only truly worthwhile companions in the Commonwealth, combining the lore of the institute with a grizzled and determined 50's noir detective. He strikes that perfect balance of sci-fi and pre-war intrigue that Fallout is so well known for, while somehow working in the humor and self-awareness that Bethesda has made their main squeeze in all of their games. Of course he's seen some better days, he's taken a few bullet holes to the knee, a few grenades to the tender bits, and all in all it would be really nice to be able to give him an upgrade or two to keep him running long into the nuclear winter.

Enter Valentine Reborn by 83Willow, a mod that focuses on replacing and retexturing Nick Valentine's face, eyes, and teeth to not necessarily repair the damage he's sustained over the course of his detective career, but to certainly upscale it to a higher resolution. I like to think of it as a mid- to late-game mod. Imagine you meet Nick in relative disrepair and then, over the course of your adventures, you upgrade and restore various parts and pieces until he looks closer to a unique synth all his own, rather than a discarded prototype.

Witcher – Geralt's Prologue Gears

Via NexusMods 

It's that time again in the modding universe, where canons cross and we find a blinking and confused Geralt waking up in a cryo freeze chamber after one of Triss's spells goes haywire. Fortunately there's plenty of work to be found for a Witcher in the Commonwealth, and thanks to Renn and his Witcher – Geralt's Prologue Gears mod The Lone Survivor Geralt will have all the gear he needs to get right back to doing what he does best.

As you would expect, this mod adds several high quality armor variants and a small hand crossbow to Fallout 4 based off of the great white wolf's personal armor. Both sets are variations of the armor you see in the prologue from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and can be modded and tweaked to fit the crossbow to your back or to add optional variations of Geralt's medallion. As an added bonus Renn created a Witcher wolf mask and an appropriate set of gloves to complete the set. This might not be the first time we've seen someone try to make Witcher themed outfits in Fallout, but it's certainly the highest quality one we've seen hit the Commonwealth.

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