Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Grenade Launcher, Synth Armor, and Sending Companions Home

Bethesda recently dropped a huge chunk of information concerning their newest DLC roadmap and we have our first confirmation of the official creation kit for the game, but modders are still churning out thousands of hours of unofficial free content for all of us to enjoy. Here's the best of the best this week to help enhance your time in the Commonwealth.

M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher

Via NexusMods

There's just something so satisfying about a grenade launcher – the versatility, the explosions, the pop rocket “thwump,” as it fires, all good things. Which is why it's so fantastic to see one of our favorite weapons from Fallout: New Vegas come to Fallout 4 thanks to DDProductions83. 

At first glance, the M79 Grenade Launcher looks like a fairly basic weapon mod, but a single trip to the weapons workbench will show you just how wrong first impressions can often be. DDProductions83 added a whole host of customization to Fallout 4's version of the M79 – everything from cluster-bomb style grapeshot, to time delay fuses, and even the ability to fire Cryo and Plasma rounds for those of you that like your explosions in pretty colors. Each mod even comes with a small, tasteful tweak to the model to make each version of the weapon unique. It's a thing of beauty and is easily one of the best weapon mods we've come across so far, especially if you're already a fan of massive explosions. Which, honestly, who isn't?

Insignificant Object Remover

Via NexusMods 

There's no doubt that Fallout 4 can be a pill to run if your system is anywhere near out of date, or even just a bit light on the recommended specs. Fortunately, there is an abundance of mods available for people that just need a few extra frames per second to make the game playable, and mods like Insignificant Object Remover by akkalat85 are especially helpful because they tend to add 4-10FPS without sacrificing an abundance of visual fidelity.

Insignificant Object Remover focuses on checking for a number of the grass and rock entities that load anytime you enter an area, and either cutting them down or removing them entirely to increase your FPS. The changes are, like the mod says, somewhat insignificant and do a lot to remove the clutter and waste that, for the most part, players ignore anyway.

Synth Armors and Uniforms – Standalone Mega Pack – C.A.S.T.

Via NexusMods 

If you're a fan of the Institute – or simply like wearing the skin of your enemies – take a gander at Synth Armors and Uniforms. This mod by Eschoes 56560 and MaaroTakai is a high-quality alternative armor option that allows you to upgrade the Synth armor in the base game to a fantastic looking variation that focuses on making your player look just a bit more unique compared to the other hundreds of synths wearing the same armor.

Of particular note is the C.A.S.T. System developed specifically for this mod, which allows you to add a dynamic color scheme to any of the base armor sets that reflects light and shadow in a way that adds a lot of extra flair to the armor's aesthetics. Simply choose your armor's base color such as white, and then select the secondary color and appropriate level of wear and tear in the mod menu and you're good to go. It's definitely one of the most innovative uses of Fallout 4's armor mods to make a unique visual effect that's almost entirely under the player's control as far as customization and personalization go. 

Red Rocket's Glare – Station Illumination – Lighting

Via NexusMods

Thanks to Fallout 4, Red Rocket gas stations have become an iconic image in Fallout lore, representing the crisis that started it all and the fall of an entire civilization. Red Rockets Glare by Ceaseless and PDE is a lighting mod that restores power to the gas stations’ neon lights so that they glow tiredly, like the dying embers of the old world.

It's not a huge mod, and by far it doesn't fit perfectly into Fallout 4's lore (unless the glow is the result of a mildly radioactive paint job rather than neon), but it's subtle yet profound. Every Red Rocket Station sign now glows, easily visible at night. It would be really nice if there was a way to add this to the settlement system so that you can selectively power the sign at the Red Rocket Settlement, but until the G.E.C.K. hits the market this will do just fine.

Companions Go Home

Via NexusMods

If you've ever found it odd that companions, once recruited, leave their homes for good, this mod is for you. Companions Go Home by Registrator2000 focuses on fixing the tiny bit of immersion break that occurs when your companions just give up everything once they become your sidekick. Nick Valentine can now return home to pursue his backlog of cases, Piper can check on that little sister she abandoned months ago, and Strong can return to milking his human kindness or whatever the heck he does on his own time.

Companions Go Home works by adding a few items to the aid section of your inventory that allow you to send your current companion either to their designated in-game home or back to Home Plate. You'll still be able to send them to specific settlements once you recruit them to your cause once again, but you'll now be able to control when you find Piper ignoring her little sister in favor of cooking Jet at a chem station for the thousandth time.

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