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Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: The first batch

Fallout 4 may be only a week old, but nothing stops the creative minds behind the modding community. Modders have been working around the clock to improve every element of the game. For now these mods mostly extend to custom textures and a number of tweaks to settings, graphical and otherwise, but some are so useful that they're worth picking up immediately.

Unlimited Settlement Objects

Via NexusMods

Settlements are one of the key cornerstones to Fallout 4's gameplay, but despite Bethesda's early claims that the system was inspired by Minecraft it lacks that game's key element of unlimited expansion. Once your size bar reaches full capacity you're done building unless you're willing to scrap some of your other creations.

This mod aims to fix that by removing the cap for building settlements entirely. Just remember that building a settlement with 60,000 separate entities could cause significant performance spikes, similar to the way Minecraft lags when you have a lot of redstone machines operating at once.

Darken the Night

Via NexusMods

There's nothing scarier than true night, and this mod focuses on dimming the lights once the sun sets to something a little bit more realistic. It doesn't render everything to utter pitch black so you'll still be able to see a little bit, but it makes flashlights and night vision mods much more essential to survival.

Darker Nights doesn't do anything to modify interior lighting but it does make traveling the wastes at night the most terrifying thing you'll do in Fallout 4 , especially if you dim your brightness down to an extra low setting. The first time a radscorpion shoots out of the ground inches from your face when you didn't even know it existed will require an instant change of pants. And listening to the sounds of a Deathclaw hunting through buildings looking for your tasty bits in darkest night might just force you to step away from the game entirely for a while.

Enhanced Wasteland Preset

Via NexusMods

Fallout 4 is without a doubt a pretty game, but it does fall a little short compared to games such as The Witcher 3 especially when you compare the two side by side on Ultra settings. Enhanced Wasteland Preset uses a variety of small tweaks and changes to the graphics engine to close that gap by a small margin, and as a result makes the Commonwealth look a great deal more vibrant and alive.

Just be aware that if your PC is rig is in any way strained to handle Fallout 4 on High or Ultra that this mod might further decrease performance. Here's what the mod offers in action:

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool

Via NexusMods

A extremely simple but highly useful tool that makes editing the .ini settings for Fallout 4 a breeze. We've previously covered the many ways to tweak your .ini files to remove mouse acceleration and change the FOV. This mod combines all the tweaks together and allows you to mod them through a custom menu at your leisure.

Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds

Via NexusMods

Bethesda always puts a lot of focus on ambient noise and the sound of there in game weapons, but some of the guns feel much more like pop guns then like cannons built for blowing apart enemies in power armor. Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds attempts to fix that by replacing the vanilla in-game gunshots with much weightier and more satisfying audio effects.

Towbie, the creator of the mod, is continually adding more audio assets as he completes them, so if your favorite weapon isn't on the list right now check back in a few days to see if he's posted an update.

ULG – Ultra Low Graphics for low-end PCs

Via NexusMods

Although most mods are focused on upscaling a game's graphics, this mod aims to open up Fallout 4 for people who previously thought the PC version of the game was far out of reach.

ULG aims to squeak out as much performance from your rig as possible, and although it doesn't work miracles it does push older machines that were just short of the mark to something at least playable, and all in all the visual changes from low to ultra low are slight enough to make the fps gain worth it.