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Fallout 4 Mods of the Week: Twisted faces and remodeled settlements

Another week of Fallout 4 means another week of crazy modding fun. Here are the unofficial modifications that have caught our eye recently. 

Immersive Facial Animations

Via NexusMods

What's a few facial joints between friends? Fancypants and AronaxAE found that the default facial expressions of Fallout 4 were just a bit shy of realistic for their tastes, and as a result merited a few small tweaks and maybe an extra hinge here or there. The result is as much terrifying as it is hilarious, giving a bit of the Mad God's touch to Fallout 4 that makes each and every encounter a unique experience (to say the least).

Fortunately Fancypants and AronaxAE are now hard at work developing a serious version of the mod to enhance facial expressions across the entire game, hopefully in a way that won't give us as many nightmares.

Mannequin Be-Gone

Via NexusMods

There are a lot of mannequins in Fallout 4, and if you're one of the unlucky few stricken with automatonophobia you probably found the game an absolutely terrifying experience, as every store or abandoned post-apocalyptic ruin opened to reveal a small army of lifeless pale faces. The fact that Bethesda didn't feature an abandoned Vault filled with Weeping Angel-style mannequins hunting the player is a miracle.

Modder HMM felt that the number of mannequins was concerning to say the least, and created a mod to either replace the mannequins with bright pink lawn flamingos or to remove them entirely. The mod comes with a few small glitches concerning items and clothing that the mannequins are wearing, which will float in the air despite lacking a mannequin to hold them up, so if this bothers you more than the mannequins give this mod a pass.

No Negative Affinity

Via NexusMods

One of the most frustrating elements to Fallout 4's companion system comes from the affinity system for each character. At its best it's a system that can help to guide you along your way through the Commonwealth, keeping you bound to a strict code of honor depending on which companion you have along at the time, and a system that has been effective at keeping some players' rampant destruction in check. Unfortunately it can also be a frustrating barrier to playing Fallout 4 your way, constricting you to do only what is right for that companion's sake, rather than because it's actually what you want to do. 

Luckily for those of us that find the affinity system somewhat intolerable there's the No Negative Affinity and No Affinity Cooldown Mod by modder Ricky Horror, which adds several options for different ways to tweak the affinity system to your preference. The mod can make it easy as pie to stack up affinity points by increasing the value for each positive action and removing/reducing the cooldown timer for gaining those points. It's also possible to remove the negative affinity gain entirely and also remove any messages of negative affinity gain, leaving you free to travel the wastes as you please bound only by your own moral compass.  

Armorsmith Extended

Via NexusMods

Last week we showcased a mod that allowed you to pick and choose what armor you wear and how you wear it at your leisure. This mod is an extension of that concept but with a number of touches to make each and every piece of gear fully modable with ballistic weave and other lore-friendly mods, freeing you to customize your character to your heart's extent. Just be aware that this mod also comes with its fair share of clipping issues and small bugs when you mesh armors that Bethesda knew would never play nicely together, but it's a small price to pay for full player customization.

Craftable Weapons and Ammo

Via NexusMods 1 and 2 

Fallout 4 comes jam packed with systems to mod and craft almost everything imaginable, but unfortunately, despite our ability to make complex settlements, delicately mod suits of power armor, and cobble together generators out of coffee cups and duct tape, we can't actually build any weapons or craft any ammo. It's likely less of an oversight on Bethesda's part and more to focus on balancing player strength with a need to explore and see the world.

Fortunately we have mods galloping to the rescue in the form of Craftable Guns and Weapons by The Iron Rose and Craftable Ammo by kr1ck. As the names imply these mods give you plenty of options for crafting almost every weapon and type of ammo in the game. Each item has an appropriate cost in both materials and perks that the player must meet, which keeps the mod balanced for people still interested in a challenge to fit into their custom survival mode.

Wearable Travel Backpacks

Via NexusMods

Following the trend of backpack mods from Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Skyrim, this helpful mod by Aldebaran adds a series of small backpacks that take up either the ring or mask armor slot to give you both a stylish piece of kit and a way to boost your carry weight. It also helps to make it slightly more believable when you whip a minigun out of your pocket to reign lead on your enemies.

Settlement Supplies Expanded

Via NexusMods

Settlement Supplies Expanded by Troy Irving is a mod focused entirely on increasing the number of items and bits you can add to your settlement. With the help of SSEx you'll be able to place everything from trees and cars to alternate Power Armor racks and medical gurneys, dramatically increasing your settlement customization options. Right now the mod extends solely to in-game textures and models, but keep an eye out when the G.E.C.K. is released for a ton of custom models and textures to open up entirely new worlds of customization.

In addition to the SSEx mod be sure to check out Working Food Planters by Dominik Rungelrath and Scrap Scrap by Jayrun. Although small mods by themselves they serve as a distinct convenience to players that are tired of some of the pointless constrictions on settlements. Working Food Planters adds the ability to place custom patches of dirt, allowing you to grow crops anywhere and everywhere, while Scrap Scrap allows you to break down the hundreds of bits of trash and foliage spread liberally around every settlement that are often both in the way and frustratingly ugly as permanent décor.

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