Destiny 2: How to trigger Heroic events for all Warmind Public Events

With Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion, Bungie has introduced in an entire new outdoor region for players to explore, the Hellas Basin region on the planet Mars. Since Hellas Basin is classified as an outdoor explorable zone, that means it also has new public events for players to participate in, including a new event type that wasn’t available in Destiny 2 before (though it did appear in the original Destiny). Below, we’ve outlined how you can trigger the hidden heroic modifiers for each of the Hellas Basin public event types so that you’ll know what to do to reap all of the rewards each event can offer.

Witch’s Ritual

This public event can happen in the northern part of the Glacial Drift area in Hellas Basin. The Witch’s Ritual event can also occur on the planet Titan, but just in case you need a refresher course on how the event goes, we’ve got you covered. When the event begins, two Hive Witches will spawn along with other Hive enemies. The Witches will be protected by impenetrable shields, and you can disable those shields by standing on the large glowing green floor pads near the big glowing portal that the Witches are summoning enemies through.

If you just kill the Witches and do nothing else, the portal will bring in the standard event boss, but once the Witches are dead, look up towards the two topmost corners of the portal. You’ll see a pair of purplish crystals that can be shot as long as you’re standing on the floor pads. If you quickly destroy both crystals after killing the Witches, the heroic modifier will trigger and you’ll have to face an ultra-powerful Hive Knight instead. Kill the Knight, and the heroic loot is yours.

Cabal Injection Rig

In some cases, triggering an event’s heroic modifier by yourself is doable (if not ideal), but in the case of the Cabal Injection Rig event, which on Mars can occur to the north of the Braytech Futuresafe headquarters, you’ll definitely want other players helping you out.

The normal conditions of the event merely require you to kill three Cabal Psions and then a Valus, but you’ll notice in-between each Psion kill that the injection rig will vent its heat, forcing you to leave the large orange shield surrounding the rig as the heat constantly damages you. As the rig is discharging its heat, vents will open up, first at the top of the rig, then in the middle, and then at the very bottom. You have to destroy those vents by shooting them before the final Valus arrives in order to trigger the heroic event, causing a more powerful Valus and a squad of Interceptors to spawn instead. 


In the original Destiny, the Warsat public event involved defending a crashed Warsat probe against waves of Fallen as it transmitted data. In Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC, the event functions in a similar manner, only this time around you have to fight off encroaching waves of Hive enemies and, of course, there’s an optional heroic modifier you can trigger. There are two spots where the Warsat event can occur: in the center of the Braytech Futuresafe area, and the center of the Glacial Drift area.

When the event begins, you’ll have to stand near the Warsat so that a progress gauge slowly fills as Hive enemies try to overwhelm you. When the progress gauge reaches certain milestones, two Hive Witches will spawn and enshroud the Warsat in a damaging suppression field. You’ll also notice three inactive Shriekers surrounding the Warsat that are also cloaked in suppression fields. Once the Witches have been killed, one of the Shriekers will activate, giving you and the other participating players a few moments to shoot and destroy it. This will happen three times throughout the course of the event, and Rasputin will also summon in a Valkyrie spear for players to use during each new Witch wave.

If you kill all three Shriekers, the heroic modifier will trigger, causing a powerful Hive Ogre to spawn. Just be sure to move out of the Warsat’s vicinity when fighting the Witches and Shriekers since the Shriekers will become inactive if the progress gauge goes too high, making the heroic modifier unobtainable. Also, the Valkyrie spears that spawn during the Warsat events are necessary for obtaining some of the Lost Fragments you’ll have to track down if you want to unlock a powerful new Exotic sword and Sparrow.