Dauntless open beta set for May 24

Developer Phoenix Labs has announced that the open beta period for Dauntless, its upcoming MMORPG in which players cooperatively hunt giant monsters, will officially begin on May 24. This will be the first time fans can give the game a try without having to first purchase a founder’s pack.

As outlined in this recent post on the Dauntless website, the open beta is more than just a free early access version of the game. It’s also a sign that the testing phase of development is nearly over, which means that a final release shouldn’t be too far off. Dauntless reportedly had more than 100,000 closed beta participants, and between the closed beta and earlier alpha tests more than 800,000 players have played Dauntless as of this writing.

Current closed beta players should know that Phoenix Labs has two server wipes planned in the near future, one on May 2 (coinciding with a major update to the game’s progression and Evergame systems) and a second on May 22 to help prepare for the transition to open beta.

You can hop into Dauntless right now by purchasing one of the game’s founder’s packs (which range in price from $40 to $100), but if you’re willing to wait for about a month, you could also just play for free. Of course, Phoenix Labs has said it will be offering exclusive cosmetic items to those who attain certain milestones in the closed beta so if that sort of thing is important to you, it might be worth it to hop in now.