Bungie details what will be changing for Destiny on last-gen consoles

When Destiny’s newest expansion, Rise of Iron, releases this upcoming fall season, it will serve as the first major divide between Destiny’s last-gen and current-gen iterations. If you’re still playing Destiny on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, you’ll still be able to play after Rise of Iron launches, but you’ll be missing out on several major features.

Since Rise of Iron won’t be released for last-gen consoles, obviously last-gen players won’t get access to any of the expansion’s new content. However, as Bungie detailed in a recent update to its support page, that’s not all last-gen players will be missing out on. The release of Rise of Iron will mean the end of live events support for last-gen consoles. This means that last-gen players will no longer be able to participate in PvP events like Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, PvE events like Queen’s Wrath, or special seasonal events like The Festival of the Lost. Last-gen players also won’t be able to purchase specific exotic items from Xur during his weekly visits, instead, they’ll be able to buy engrams which can be decrypted into both Year One and Year Two exotics.

However, last-gen players will retain the ability to access Strikes, Raids, PvP Crucible matches, Nightfalls, Weekly Strikes, Daily Missions, and the Prison of Elders. The Gunsmith Banshee-44 will also continue offering Armsday orders every Wednesday on last-gen consoles.

Fortunately, if a last-gen player wants to migrate to current-gen, they’ll be able to do so while retaining all of their progress (as long as they upgrade within the same console family). The Rise of Iron expansion will launch on September 20 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.