Breaking down the Blazblue Cross Tag Battle roster rumors

Big news everyone!

Supposedly the final roster for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle leaked early. An anonymous poster on 4chan claimed to be a member of Arc System Works’ North American localization team and provided us with a full roster along with a schedule for character reveals. Normally “leaks” like this are ignored, but it has spread quite a bit since its original posting.

Hate to burst your bubble but… it’s fake! Straight from Arc System Work’s mouth:

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, though. Just like the rest of the internet, we can ask the question “could it happen anyway?”

Let’s take a look at the leaks and figure out whether any of these characters have a chance of making the cut.

January 19th’s monthly Arc Nama stream announcements:

  • Hakumen

The warning sirens went off immediately when I saw Hakumen confirmed as a roster member. Hakumen is an incredibly interesting Blazblue character that uses a rapidly charging “magatama” meter instead of a super meter. Unfortunately that would be incredibly challenging to program in a tag team context. Both characters have to be able to use the meter in the same way. Any version of Hakumen in Blazblue Cross-Tag Battle would have to have his moves heavily altered. It CAN be done, but if Hakumen was revealed, my guess is that he would be a later reveal, to avoid fan backlash at the compromises needed to fit him into the new battle system. Better money is on Hakumen being completely absent from this roster.

Kanji actually has a fairly high chance of hitting the final roster. We have already seen grapplers from Blazblue and Under-Night make the roster (Tager and Waldstein respectively), so it’s only natural for Persona 4 to get their grappler in the roster as well. Expect Kanji to make the game, one way or another.

  • Orie “Harada”

There’s no particular reason that Orie couldn’t hit the roster, in fact, she’d be a pretty interesting fit. She is, essentially, an Under-Night character that plays like a Persona 4 character. Crossing over mechanics  between rosters is probably a good idea. Persona 4 fans that never got a chance to try Under-Night would feel right at home with Orie, so I’d say she is a good fit for the final roster as well.

Evo Japan trailer announcements:

  • Jubei

Jubei would be an amazing inclusion in the Blazblue Cross-Tag Battle roster, but the chances of him being included are slim. He is the most recent addition to the main Blazblue roster, and both casual and pro players haven’t quite gotten the hang of him yet. Arc System Works is going to want to include fan favorites if they really want to make BBCTAG sell. Jubei would get people hype, but he’s not a fan favorite, and if he were included in the final roster, ASW would end up buried under a mountain of “wasted character slot” complaints.

  • Yuuki Terumi

As much as I personally like this character, I sincerely doubt he will make it into the final roster. Terumi’s main mechanic is the ability to build super meter incredibly fast. He has few specials but tons of supers, which causes him to blow meter every couple of seconds. In Blazblue, this is balanced because all of his supers are just a little bit weaker than the rest of the cast’s. In BBCTAG he would be broken, as he could maximize his meter in just a few hits before switching over to a character that can more effectively use it. Terumi strikes me as just too hard to balance, and I’d be surprised if he found his way into the final roster.

  • Teddie

Teddie is a character with unique moves that has been played by high level pros in the past and this makes him a perfect fit for the final roster of BBCTAG. He would need very little conversion to fit the new mechanics, and would be one of the more unique entrants on the P4A side of the roster. Not to mention, he’s also the Persona 4 mascot.  I’d say chances of seeing him in the final roster are very high.

  • Tohru Adachi

We haven’t seen many villains join the roster of BBCTAG, which makes Adachi an interesting choice for roster inclusion. He would also be the first Persona 4 character included from the sequel, Persona 4 Ultimax. Still, I’d only give him a fifty percent chance of hitting the final roster. The villains that make the roster will largely depend on the game’s story mode, and since details about the story haven’t been revealed yet, I think it’s too early to say that Adachi will be playable.

Seth, on the other hand, has a high chance of being playable. He’s been routinely portrayed as the foil to Hyde, Under-Night’s main character. He also requires next to no conversion. His original move-list fits just fine in BBCTAG’s system. Expect him to be revealed in the next few months.

  • Hilda

Hilda is a character that I would like to see included, despite her low chance of making the cut. Once again, she’s a villain and any villain has to be tied to the story somehow. She wasn’t a super popular character in Under-Night but she would be the first zoner from UNIB to enter the BBCTAG roster. I wouldn’t expect her to make the final cut, but I wouldn’t be displeased if she ended up earning a slot on the character selection screen.

RTX Sydney announcements:

I’m gonna call it right now, Platinum The Trinity will not be in the final roster. She just takes too much conversion to fit into the new system. Her entire gameplay was based around throwing random items, powering them up, and adapting her combos based on what item she currently had equipped. BBCTAG uses auto combos and has gotten rid of the drive button completely, basically disabling Platinum’s core gameplay gimmick. She just doesn’t fit in the new gameplay system. Sorry Platinum fans.

  • Bang Shishigami

Bang, on the other hand, fits right in with the rest of the rest of the BBCTAG crowd. While he did have a few special mechanics like his nails, his Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan install, and his limited Kunai, none of these systems need a whole lot of conversion. Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan can be activated upon Resonance Blaze. Kunai can just become infinite and nails can just operate as a special move. Bada Bing Bada Boom Bada Bang Shishigami, you have a BBCTAG character ready to fight. Whether or not he gets into the final roster is a trickier question. Bang was very popular in the early days of Blazblue, but has fallen out of popularity since. I’d give him a better than even chance of getting into the roster, but I could also see him being kicked out for other more popular picks. He’s kind of just a rush-down character and BBCTAG already has a ton of those.

Blake is one of the four main characters of RWBY. It’s ludicrous to think that she wouldn’t end up on the roster. 100% chance of inclusion.

February 16th monthly Arc Nama stream reveals:

  • Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

I’d give Valkenhayn a less than fifty percent chance of making the main roster. He uses an extra system like most Blazblue characters, allowing him to transform into a wolf. That wouldn’t be too hard to convert into BBCTAG’s mechanics, but I’m not sure that Arc System Works wants to spend the effort for a character that polls around the center of Blazblue’s popularity. If the goal is to include only the most popular Blazblue characters, then Arc System Works would be better off including characters like Bullet, Taokaka, or Tsubaki before Valkenhayn. They are all more popular and they are all easier to convert.

  • Labrys

Labrys is another character that is a little hard to convert into BBCTAG’s mechanics, but ASW might spend the effort. Why? Because she is the first original character made for the P4A series of fighting games. This has made her somewhat iconic, a mascot for the fighting games (whereas Teddie is a mascot for the series as a whole.) Thus far we have only seen the main characters from Persona 4 hit the roster. It’s about time that characters from Persona 3 and original characters hit the roster as well.

Finally we come to Merkava, one of the top tier characters from the original release of UNIB. I think there is a large chance that we will see Merkava make the cut. One of the issues with Under Night’s additions to the BBCTAG roster is that many of them are iconic characters, but not popular characters. The top three characters in the original were Gordeau, Merkava, and Waldstein, the characters with the longest range normals. Gordeau and Waldstein made it in, so it’s only natural that Merkava would too.

Further Problems With the Leak

Even without ASW’s confirmation that this leak is utter nonsense, the list should have raised some red flags. For one, Yang was not on the list. Yang is the fourth main character from RWBY and the thought that she would be excluded from the final roster is highly unlikely.

Second, Arc System Works said that they would be examining guest characters from other franchises. The most likely addition is Akatsuki from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, since he was already a guest character in UNIB. However, no guest characters were included on the list.

No Persona 3 characters were included on the list either, even though Mitsuru (a P3 character) was routinely high tier in every iteration of the Persona fighting game franchise.

The leak didn’t include any tertiary character from RWBY, which is sure to piss off RWBY fans. Only including the top four would be seen as a tease.

The leak said that the entire game was going to have an English dub. This is... doubtful to say the least. ASW hasn’t spent money on an English Blazblue dub in ages, and Under-Night characters never had an English dub to begin with. Dubbing the game into English would cost them a hefty sum, far more than I would estimate this game has in its budget. 

Finally, the leak said that ASW was looking to release the game around September. Of all the crazy claims in this leak, that’s the one I can believe most. That would put a final playable build of the game ready to debut around EVO time, which is exactly what ASW wants. So let’s cross our fingers and hope that this one part of the leak comes true, if not sooner.

What do you think? Who do you think will get into the final roster of Blazblue Cross-Tag Battle? Let us know in the comments.