Blizzard announces new changes to Hearthstone’s Arena Mode

In preparation for the upcoming standard rotation, Blizzard’s Kris Zierhut announced a number of new changes to Hearthstone’s Arena draft mode.

First, cards will no longer be sorted by rarity. Instead, they will be sorted into groups of relative Arena power levels. This means you’ll start seeing commons, rares, and epics together in draft picks. Each rarity still has the same chance to show up, it can just show up alongside other rarities and will always be shown with cards of the same approximate value.

This also means that players will always draft around the same amount of powerful cards, evening out the general value of Arena decks. This also ensures that classes with more powerful common cards don’t end up demolishing all other classes in Arena. Legendaries will still only show up next to other legendaries, however.

Picks 1, 10, 20, and 30 will all be guaranteed to be rare or better, just as they were in previous expansions. However, cards from recent expansions will no longer have a greater chance to show up in draft picks, once again preventing classes who saw a power boost in the most recent expansion from dominating Arena drafts.

Blizzard will also adjust the occurrence rate of cards with below average value. This should eliminate the amount of “bad picks” you have to make in an arena draft.

Finally, each class will get one unique Arena only card in their draft pools. These cards were announced at BlizzCon and will be treated as common cards.

These new changes will be implemented in Hearthstone’s upcoming patch 10.4.