Battlefield V to be revealed on May 23

With the successful reboot of the Battlefield franchise through Battlefield One, it’s no surprise that EA Games would keep things moving with the next game.

EA announced that it will reveal Battlefield V on May 23 at 1 p.m. PST via a livestream through its Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer channels. The event will be hosted by Daily Show host Trevor Noah and will feature developers from EA DICE speaking on their vision for the direction of the Battlefield franchise.

What should we expect?

EA/DICE says the game will take place in a new setting on another front line, buit there’s no word if they’re staying with the World War I theme, moving on to World War II, or recreating a  more modern war environment. They have confirmed, however, there will be a single player campaign, along with multiplayer and new modes. Will there be a battle royale mode?

For more info on where to watch the live stream, check out the Battlefield website.