Assassin’s Creed Origins How to find the ritual sites for the Taste of Her Sting side quest

Assassin’s Creed: Origins has a lot of side quests, and the Taste of Her Sting side quest in particular is one you’ll likely stumble upon early on, but because of the obscure nature of the four ritual sites you need to track down and investigate to finish it off, it’s likely to hang out in your journal for quite a while.

The rewards, specifically the massive pile of experience and the rare gear you acquire at the end, makes it more than worth your time, but the real challenge is finding each ritual site. Fortunately, we’ve got your back, and we managed to track down all four sites to make this quest a heck of a lot easier in the long run.

Keep in mind that you can find the four sites in any order to begin the quest, and as a result your first site may be different than ours, but that you’ll need to take a tour across several regions to find them all. We suggest going to the one in Ka-Khem Nome last, because the final objective for the ritual site is not far from that location.

Ritual Site Number 1

This first site is smack dab in the center of Lake Mareotis on a medium sized island to the west of the temple of Sekhment in Yamu. You’ll likely come across this site first, and often entirely by accident as part of a several side quests in the surrounding area.

Don’t be worried about the imposing level 17 quest level if you’re still just getting started, things don’t get near that level cap until close to the end of your journey.

Once you arrive on the island, head up to the northern ruins by the viewpoint, and begin investigating the various clues around the area. Be sure to check around the base of the cliffs near the waterline for the final piece of the puzzle.

Ritual Site Number 2

This ritual site involves a bit more of a trip to the north to Kanopos Nome, which is just west of Alexandria.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Shrine of Serapis on a large triangular island near the northern border with the Great Green Sea, and you’ll find the ritual site spread around the shrine and within a cave just below.

Be aware that there are quite a few crocodiles making the area around the cave their home, so consider doing some scouting with Senu and using the shrine as a perch to rain arrows down on your leathery friends.

Ritual Site Number 3

The third ritual site is on the border between Kanopos Nome and Sap-Meh Nome nestled within a crocodile lair where two rivers come together.

If the crocodiles are giving your trouble, sprint to one of the ruined columns in the area and use your bow to snipe them from the top, apparently crocodiles aren’t quite as good at parkour as Bayek. One way or another, clear the area and investigate the altar and the other various clues in the area to finish up this portion of the quest.

Ritual Site Number 4

Edit: Thanks to user Slidejaw for pointing out the location of one of the sites we missed!

The fourth ritual site is located in Sapi-Res Nome and can be found in the Sapi-Res Ruins just southeast of Nikiou Fort and about a hundred meters north of the nearby viewpoint.

Finishing up the Quest

The final ritual site is located in Ka-Khem Nome, smack dab in the center of the main island in a big ol’ pile of ruins just north of the viewpoint. This is where you’ll want to start being really careful, and if you aren’t at least level 16 or 17 you might want to prioritize some other quests until you’re stronger.

The ruins around the area have a small group of guards that are all around level 17-18, and your goal is down a long stairwell right along their patrol paths. Take them out, or sneak by them using whatever methods catch your fancy and you’ll find the final ritual site below.

The final steps of the quest are relatively straight forward, but again, keep in mind that you’re going to want to be near the recommended quest level before you embark on this section. There’s at least one section where you’re forced to duke it out with several powerful priests that are more than willing to smack down a low leveling character.

Once you’re ready, complete investigating the final ritual site and you’ll hear nearby chanting through a crack in the wall. There’s no way to get past, so you’ll need to leave and find another entrance into the secret ritual. If your Senu has a strong enough perception at this point, you should be able to spot several high-level enemies through the walls of the temple. Your ultimate goal is to go crash their party.

Make your way out of the ruins of the fourth ritual site and head southeast to the nearby Hathor Stone Circle, hop across the cliffs, and you’ll find an entrance to a cave. Head inside, follow the prompts, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of an active ritual.

From here it’s just a matter of staying alive and killing the dark priests, once you do read the various quest logs in the area and you’ll be home free. Take your 3750 experience and your shiny new weapon and get back to stabbing corrupt pharaohs and well, more dark priests.