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The 10 best Fallout 4 Easter Eggs discovered so far

Bethesda's open-world RPGs are infamous for their pop culture references and secrets, and Fallout 4 is no different. Message boards have been burning up with new Easter Eggs every day We've rounded up 10 of the best that have been discovered so far. 

#1 The Lone Wanderer

Easter Eggs are best when they're subtle. Reddit user The Rybka came across this lonely red motorcycle in his travels, and after closer inspection noticed this subtle nod to Fallout 3.

Take a close look at the name of the bike and you can pick out it's called “The Lone Wanderer,” the title used for the protagonist in Bethesda's first Fallout title.

#2 G.O.A.T. 

Anyone that's taken a stroll through the Capital Wasteland has had their fair share of the G.O.A.T. Whether they're being assigned to waste management or talking the teacher into letting them skip out on the test entirely the G.O.A.T. is as much a part of the Fallout 3 experience as the Vaults themselves.

If you're feeling a little homesick for the days of Fallout 3 take a little stroll over to Covenant, a location in the Commonwealth, where you can take a genuine G.O.A.T. from a man named Swanson, who is dressed suspiciously like the Tunnel Snakes of old.

The questions are almost an exact carbon copy of the questions from Fallout 3, with the added bonus of Swanson's light commentary judging your every answer. So it's a lot like testing in real life! Don't be afraid to answer in as complex or as insane a manner as you feel is necessary, Swanson will open up the doors to Covenant either way.

#3 Edgar Allen Poe's Cask of Amontillado

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If you're a fan of Poe's work (or you were just forced to read the story out loud during an English class) this Easter Egg should strike your fancy. The Cask of Amontillado is a short story from the Boston native observing a setting where the reader is given full access to the circumstances of the crime, but where almost all information concerning the perpetrator's motive is kept a subtle secret.

The story itself follows a duo of both victim and murderer through a long quest into the depths of a dungeon, where eventually the victim is sealed still alive in a brick wall, all for the simple promise of a taste of Amontillado. You'll find a rather specific reference to this sealed within Fort Independence, both in a skeleton hanging behind a partially destroyed brick wall, and a body surrounded by several bottles of the famous wine

#4 Opie from Sons of Anarchy

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There are a lot of subtle references to TV shows and characters hidden within terminals in the Commonwealth, but this one sticks out because of actor Ron Perlman's role in both Sons of Anarchy and as one of the most iconic voices of the Fallout franchise.

This Easter Egg references arresting a biker named Opie Hurst (a combination of the character's first name and the actor's last name). Opie was a long-running character in Sons of Anarchy who was, in the Fallout universe, apparently picked up for carrying an unlicensed laser weapon. The only other possessions logged during his arrest were his iconic hat, a leather vest, and a set of keys to a motorcycle. 

#5 Birthday Sweet Roll

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The tragic battle over a sweet roll way back in Fallout 3 is something that stuck with some players for years and over multiple playthroughs, and is often the justification for making the Tunnel Rat bully Butch's life in the Wasteland as miserable as possible. To remind players that birthdays and sweet rolls should never be forgotten, Bethesda dropped a less than delectable sweet roll on a table somewhere in the Commonwealth just waiting for you to find it.

#6 Alien Flux Sensor

Have you found a Flux Sensor in Fallout 4 and tossed it in your pack assuming it was just another bit of valuable salvage? Well 1Times created an album on Imgur when he found this item just a little too interesting to ignore, and after closely scouring the model he found a serial number etched on the back side of the model.

The hunt was on, since CM-88B 180924609 had to mean something, and after a long search through the bowels of the darkest spaces of internet fandom he found that the series of numbers referred to a specific class of Starship, the USCSS Nostromo. That's the famous ship Ellen Ripley and her crew first encountered the iconic xenomorphs of the Alien franchise. The ship was destroyed at the end of the movie in the year 2122, which in the Fallout timeline indicates that it was destroyed over a hundred years before the events of Fallout 4 and almost fifty years after the events of the Great War.

#7 Merry Fallout Christmas

This is less of an Easter Egg and more a nice touch as far as atmosphere goes. If you notice the in-game calendar reads December 25 it's worthwhile to take a trip over to Diamond City, because even though the Bombs have wiped out most of civilization as we know it, they still can't wipe out the Holiday Spirit!

#8 GNN Radio

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Three Dog and Galaxy News Radio lit up the wastes for years after the release of Fallout 3, and although with Fallout 4 the charismatic radio host is nowhere to be found (possibly because of his untimely demise at the hands of players in Fallout 3), if you're near Diamond City you should take a seat in the grandstands and bask in some pre-war advertising. You might even notice the billboard for Galaxy News Radio off in right field.

#9 You'll need a bigger boat

In some kind of strange backwards world it makes sense to see a Jaws reference in Fallout 4. After all, the mere size of Jaws as a creature means there has to be some kind of radiation-induced mutation going on there.

As far as Easter Eggs go this one is pretty easy to find. Head just northwest of Diamond City along the coast of the river system running near Boston. In the process you'll notice a relatively intact boat that's run aground on a small river flat. On the boat you'll find a skeleton with a familiar looking machete and bandana sitting just in front of a massive dead mutant shark, or dolphin, or something along those lines. This is a reference to a scene in Jaws involving the shark-hunter Quint.

#10 Tranquility Lane in Fallout 4

Tranquility Lane was arguably one of the most iconic and well developed scenes in Fallout 3's main quest, and for people that are interested in revisiting an almost exact copy of the area for a shiver of eerie familiarity head just south of Diamond City to Fairline Hill Estates.

 There's no guarantee that this is the exact location Tranquility Lane was based on as far as Fallout canon goes, but the sense of returning to a place you've been before is so strong here that there's little doubt that Bethesda is in the very least making a nod to one of their favorite areas in a previous title.

What's your favorite reference or Easter Egg in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments!