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Fortnite welcomes Futurama to the world of tomorrow

Fry, Leela, and Bender head to Fortnite today

We’re back, baby! This week has been big for Futurama fans. After a decade of cancellation, Futurama’s 11th season premiered on Hulu. But, the tie-in marketing to go along with it sees Matt Groening’s futuristic sci-fi show head to a less likely place as well: Fortnite.

Futurama, for those that either have lived under a rock or are too young to remember it, was The Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s follow up show that originally released in 1999. It follows the story of pizza delivery boy Phillip J. Fry as he’s cryogenically frozen on New Year’s Eve 1999 and wakes up in the year 3000.

Fry makes friends with a ragtag crew of a delivery service, including the one-eyed Leela and alcoholic robot Bender. They, among several other characters, go on adventures through space and (sometimes) time. I feel old writing these words, having watched the show during its original run.

So, what crossover did Fortnite get with Futurama?

Fry, Leela, and Bender skins are all currently available for purchase in the Item Shop on Fortnite. They look like they were ripped directly out of the show and retain their animated look, similar to the Rick and Morty skins.

Each skin comes with the main skin, an alternate color of the skin (each being a reference to the classic episode The Farnsworth Parabox), and a back bling. Fry comes with a Hypnotoad back bling. Leela’s rocking Nibbler on her back, while Bender’s son Ben Rodríguez dangles from Bender’s back.

You can also pick up three pickaxes based on the show, purchased separately. These include the solid gold fiddle, an unbendable girder, and a giant nutcracker. The references involved with this are all incredibly deep cuts to the show.

But wait, there’s more. The Planet Express ship, the crew’s trusty spaceship, is now available as a glider. But, the best part is that Zoidberg’s Scuttle is available as an emote to purchase.

This is going to get me to start playing Fortnite again, isn’t it?

Seasons 1 through 10 of Futurama are all available on Hulu, if you didn’t know. Season 11 premiered this week and the first episode is available as of this writing, also on Hulu. The Fortnite crossover items are available right now on the Item Shop. Let’s go already!

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