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Free on Epic Games Store: The Elder Scrolls and Murder by Numbers

The Epic Games storefront on PC, like other online portals such as Steam, is generally a great place to discover new games and sales. But, they do always have some sort of free option going, as well. If you scroll down just below the featured games and sales, you’ll see a section aptly named “Free Games”. The games in this section are always games that normally cost money, but are slashed down to the low, low cost of zero.

This revolves around every week or so. But, you can really get some amazing games from this section. This week is no exception.

This week, you can find Murder by Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online for free on the Epic Games store.

Murder by Numbers is a Picross mystery adventure

Murder by Numbers, normally a $14.99 game, mixes amazing visuals for a visual novel, with Picross-style gameplay. Basically, it’s “Ace Attorney paint-by-numbers with a cute robot companion instead of Maya”.

Hato Moa, the creator of the pigeon-romance otome game Hatoful Boyfriend, handled the beautifully-made art for this game.

You and your robot companion, SCOUT, are detectives solving murder cases. You do the usual visual novel thing, like the Phoenix Wright games, but the gameplay comes from nonogram puzzles.

You can pick it up right now for free on Epic Games.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls: Necrom expansion was recently released. But, Bethesda is dropping the standard The Elder Scrolls Online experience for free this week on the Epic Games storefront.

This version includes the base game, which has dozens to hundreds of hours worth of content as it is. It’s normally $19.99, but down to zero for the week.

Even if you don’t plan to play, it might be worth grabbing if you’re a Fortnite player. Claiming the game will give you a special Sigil of the Alliance War back bling in Fortnite. And you didn’t have to do anything to get it other than clicking a couple of buttons.

You can also pick up Necrom starting at $59.99, if you want to make a fun necromancer and play through the new stories from the expansion.

Both of the games are free until July 27th, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST. At 11:01 AM, the free games incoming are Homeworld Remastered Collection and Severed Steel.

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