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Xbox to let you map keyboard keys to your controller

New accessibility options are always great, especially when it comes to Xbox controllers

Microsoft generally has some slam dunk options for accessibility and customizability when it comes to Xbox controller options. Sometimes you get full Adaptive controllers for accessibility, sometimes you get a controller that smells like pizza. This time around, the recent patch notes released shows that they’re allowing players to map keyboard keys directly to their Xbox controllers.

(Image: Microsoft)

In the release notes for the Alpha Xbox Insiders, they revealed a new function for both the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and the Xbox Adaptive Controller incoming. Keyboard Button Mapping allows games that are designed specifically for a keyboard and mouse setting to be played on a controller.

If you’re a PC gamer, there’s a high possibility you play games on a controller attached to your rig. The majority of games automatically have controller support.

However, some don’t. They require a keyboard and mouse and nothing else.

This can prove to be problematic for people with limited mobility and capability in their hands. This would make those that require a controller (and especially those requiring the Xbox Adaptive Controller) be left out from a gaming experience. Now, that just won’t do, will it?

This is clearly in early stages of testing, as it’s being released to the Xbox Insiders “Alpha” ring, which is the earliest place that the public can try to features and functions. Currently, it only works with some games entirely, some games partially, and some games not at all.

If you’re a member of the Xbox Insiders, you can try out the new feature by following these steps:

  1. Open the Xbox Accessories app

  2. Configure

  3. Create a new profile or edit an existing one

  4. Select a button to map

  5. Choose Primary or Shift

  6. Then move over to the new Key tab

You can only map a single key to a button at a time. But, you can add modifier keys to it. They use the example of being able to do Ctrl+Alt+W, but not Ctrl+Alt+W+E in the release notes.

Also: if you’re rocking your controls using Bluetooth, you need to plug in for the feature to map on PC currently.

If you want to become an Xbox Insider, poke around over on their official FAQ. For a complete set of their release notes, you can check their official blog.

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