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Xbox no longer allows unofficial accessories, what do I need to know?

Xbox’s November 2023 update gives a 0x82d60002 or 0x82d60003 error to those using some off-brand controllers.

Image: Starfield Special Edition Xbox Controller and Headset / Designed for Xbox
Image: Starfield Special Edition Xbox Controller and Headset / Designed for Xbox

A new Xbox error is popping up regarding controllers and accessories attached to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles: 0x82d60002. Starting November 12th, 2023, when the update officially hits, Microsoft will be barring unauthorized third-party accessories from use with its console.

The underlying reasoning is really simple: unapproved third-party accessories pose a security risk and are more likely to have errors.

Over the past several years, Xbox has been more lenient in working with third-party manufacturers to get the official Xbox seal. Buying nearly anything in a store or online, such as a Turtle Beach controller or headset, you’re likely to see a “Designed For Xbox” symbol on the packaging and you have no need to worry about this error.

If you lived through the 1980s or 1990s, this seal should seem familiar to Nintendo’s “Official Seal of Quality.” During that time, both games and accessories that had been approved for the Nintendo hardware were marked with an infamous seal by Nintendo.

While it’s highly unlikely that you own many peripherals or accessories that weren’t approved by Xbox, here are some details of what you need to know about this new update and error.

What does the 0x82d60002 error mean?

Image: Xbox Adaptive Controller and additional accessories / Designed for Xbox
Image: Xbox Adaptive Controller and additional accessories / Designed for Xbox

According to Xbox, the error 0x82d60002 indicates that you’re using an unapproved device, not designated as “Designed For Xbox”. This error puts a roadblock on these specific types of products.

The majority of products available in retail stores and online are approved, so you’re unlikely to get this error. But, if you do, here’s what you should understand.

The majority of third-party Xbox controllers available on the market are wired directly into a USB port or the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One console. But, connecting with wireless generally either comes via Bluetooth or directly to Xbox’s built-in wireless.

The 0x82d60002 error is being implemented because Xbox is expanding its third-party licensing and it wants to ensure that controllers work for their intended purpose while gaming with no interruptions. They’re just getting ahead of the “My Xbox is broken” mentality before a new slew of unauthorized, cheap controllers and headsets hit the market.

The accessibility-focused Xbox Adaptive Controller should work perfectly fine with no additional firmware necessary. Any accessories plugged directly into it, both via USB and 3.5mm port, will work fine due to their nature.

Windows Central has been following the story and getting clarifications from Xbox about various parameters. Some of our knowledge about the citation came from their original article. For instance, aside from the Adaptive Controller, generic keyboards and mice should work fine with the Xbox consoles as well.

I got the 0x82d60002 error message. How can I fix it?

Image: Turtle Beach React-R Controller / Turtle Beach
Image: Turtle Beach React-R Controller / Turtle Beach

The unfortunate answer to this question is that you’re using a controller, headset, or accessory that hasn’t been approved to be used with official Xbox hardware. The simple answer is that it’s possibly time to upgrade. But, they give you time.

If you get the message while using major brands like Turtle Beach, Razer, or Hyperkin, you should try to read your specific product’s manual or download the firmware to your controller. In the possibility that this doesn’t work, contact your product’s brand support for the next steps. This could just be due to firmware or some other factor blocking your way and they’ll have more answers for you.

The important thing to note is that licensed “Designed for Xbox” products should all work immediately on all Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, without any additional downloads necessary.

Based on what Xbox explained in their support pages, the 0x82d60002 error essentially starts a countdown. Once you receive it, you have two weeks to find a valid replacement before it becomes unusable entirely on the Xbox console. This gives you time to properly return a new controller that you just bought or replace it entirely if it’s too old to return.

Once your two weeks are up, 0x82d60003 will be the error that shows when you try to connect that same peripheral or accessory.

If you’re looking for a full list of officially approved and licensed “Designed for Xbox” accessories, the official website shows them all in a nice list with their prices and ways to buy them. They’re doing their best to make it easy for you to get around this error.

A large majority of those controllers and headsets can easily be found over on Newegg’s store, like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. But, there are a lot more that offer the official seal such as GameSir’s G7 controller. Head over there and get yourself an upgrade or replacement today!

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