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The Casting Of Frank Stone Is An Upcoming Single-Player Dead By Daylight Experience

You Know The Scary Movie Rules By Now!

Image: Bad Behaviour / Supermassive Games
Image: Bad Behaviour / Supermassive Games

Announced officially at The Game Awards, The Casting Of Frank Stone is a cinematic horror game that features the writing of Supermassive Games and the creepiness of the Dead By Daylight universe.

The only info available states the following:

“The storytelling prowess of Supermassive Games meets the Dead by Daylight universe in a haunting horror game that won’t soon be forgotten. The shadow of Frank Stone looms over Cedar Hills, a town forever altered by his violent past. As a group of young friends are about to discover, Stone’s blood-soaked legacy cuts deep, leaving scars across families, generations, and the very fabric of reality itself.
In the depths of an Oregon steel mill, the gruesome crimes of a sadistic killer spawn horrors beyond comprehension. Delve into the mystery of Cedar Hills alongside an original cast of characters bound together on a twisted journey where nothing is quite as it seems.
Every decision you make shapes the story and impacts the fate of the characters within it. Brimming with emotional gut punches and high-stakes horror, discover how a simple decision can become a truly heart-wrenching dilemma.
For those who find comfort in the unknown, and glee in the grotesque, Supermassive Games’ cinematic storytelling brings new levels of emotion, immersion, and intensity to this darkly rich universe.
Experience a never-before-seen look at the wider world of Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive’s acclaimed multiplayer horror game. Filled with spine-chilling twists, this dark original tale is certain to haunt you long after it’s over.”

This looks like one of those games where you will be playing as a group of teens who are investigating this mystery. Based on the trailer, this is going to most certainly lead to a trail of dead bodies and tortured co-eds.

I may not know a ton about Dead By Daylight, but I do know that the concept of the game is that both survivors and killers are plucked from reality and trapped in a never-ending life-and-death struggle. If we were to assume, this is likely the crimes and murders that Frank Stone commits

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