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Exodus Offers a Suitable Replacement for Mass Effect

Someone Broke Earth, and Now The Traveller Has to Fix It

It’s an age-old story. The Earth is dying, and now, a small group of space-faring saviors must save mankind from extinction. If initial info from the premiere at The Game Awards is to be believed, Exodus may offer something different than the standard cut-and-paste Action-Adventure RPG faire.

The official information states that as one of The Travellers, you must skirt on the edge of lightspeed to find ways to counteract humanity's deadliest foe, The Celestials. What may separate this from other games is that your choices are billed as affecting you and those around you. As time passes differently for you, you will reshape the world and change the future based on your actions.

Your Traveller will use genetic traits and special weaponry to fight against your foes. The Celestials may be your primary enemy, but it appears there will be other threats for you, both alien and human. Combat showcased some stealth and gunplay but also seemed to hint and superpowers that allowed The Traveller to manipulate elements around him. This looks like if Mass Effect and Destiny had a baby. After feeling slightly disappointed by both franchises lately, I’m excited to see Exodus in action.

This one could fill the void that any decent Mass Effect has left, and with the star-studded voice of Matthew McConaughey in tow, Exodus may be the one to look out for. Also, let’s be real: with the Traveller, Destiny, and time-warping mechanical enemies, the irony isn’t lost on us that parallels can be drawn to a major title that isn’t Mass Effect.

Exodus is blasting off on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. There isn’t a set release date at this time.

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