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SEGA brings not one, not two, but at least FIVE new games with more promised

Putting in a formidable bid to win the Game Awards, SEGA comes out swinging.

Image: SEGA
Image: SEGA

SEGA hits the Game Awards hard, bringing us the promise of five games from our favorite franchises. Hitting us with nostalgic titles like Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and Crazy Taxi puts SEGA on the map for making their mark on the awards. Not only are we getting these five nostalgic titles, but we were simply promised “more”, meaning that we’ll hear far more about classic releases on the horizon. While we wait for more information on the ‘more’, let’s take a better look at the five announced starting with Jet Set Radio! It was originally released in 2000, meaning this game is about to get a massive upgrade in how it plays. The only other game in the franchise to come out was for Game Boy Advance back in 2003, meaning we’re seeing two decades between the latest installment. Shonbi originally came out as a video arcade game making it the oldest game of the five and has 11 installments since the original. Even though this will be the 12th game in the franchise, it’s still the first in over a decade.

Golden Axe is another older beat’em from the arcade cabinet days. It doesn’t have quite as many games in its arsenal as Shinobi, but it clearly has a cult following that will be happy to see its return. The last game to come out for the franchise was back in 2008.

Joining the ranks of beat’em ups, Streets of Rage debuted in 1991 and has four games in the series. Interestingly, Streets of Rage 4 only came out in 2020, making it the franchise that has been freshest lately.

Lastly, Crazy Taxi came on the scene in 1999 as an arcade game but was later released on Dreamcast in 2000. Like the others, it has several installments to its name with the latest being in a mobile game in 2017.

The best place to follow SEGA for more news would be their X. If you missed it, Sega also brought some news for Angry Birds fans last month as well. So, they're on a hot streak.

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