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Move over, Sony: Xbox now offers its own credit card

Xbox Mastercard owners earn points to use on Xbox, like a closed loop.

Image: Xbox Mastercard
Image: Xbox Mastercard

It was only a matter of time before Microsoft figured out how to partner with a credit card company, in this case, Barclay, to offer a Mastercard for the hardcore Xbox fanatics.

If you’re a big enough Xbox fan, Sony has already proven the idea works with the success of the PlayStation Visa Credit Card that’s been around since 2017. Honestly, looking at the cards side by side gives a pretty good comparison.

The Xbox card will have no annual fees, which is good. Cardmembers will also earn points with everyday purchases, then they can use those points on

Your first purchase gets you 5,000 points, the equivalent of $50 in the Xbox shop, plus three months of Game Pass Ultimate for new members.

It looks like you earn points like any credit card with a points system. But, the smartest way to use it, if you have one, would be to put your streaming services and dining delivery bills on it, as well as buying directly from the Microsoft Store. You get the most point multipliers that way.

Using it for novelties and frivolities like gas or groceries gets you the least amount of points. But, any purchase works.

Xbox Insiders in the USA get access to sign up for the card on September 21st. The rest of the plebians can get theirs, if they wish, sometime in 2024.

Sony’s PlayStation Visa Card, as mentioned, is very similar. You get $50 for the PS Store. You get special point multipliers on Sony and PlayStation products. They’re a little more frugal and miserly with their rewards, though.

If you’re so inclined to check out the Xbox credit card, we’re just here to tell you about it. We’re not sponsored by Microsoft, but news is news.

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