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Xbox is introducing a comprehensive enforcement strike system

Microsoft is done playing around with trolls and toxicity.

Image: Microsoft
Image: Microsoft

Lately, Microsoft has been putting a lot of attention on making its flagship platform a safer place for everyone. They’ve tried various systems in the past. But, they have now officially introduced a new one: The Enforcement Strike System.

In their post on the official Xbox blog, they explain that the older system was a little more convoluted and vague. They want people to know exactly what is going on at all times.

Depending on your strike total determines how much time you’re suspended from using social features. Users will have the ability to get up to eight strikes, which brings your total suspension to a maximum of 365 days.

The good news is that users can appeal the strikes and moderation is apparently done by real people. So, if you get a strike, you can appeal it and get a real response.

With the recent addition of voice reporting, it’s easier to prove when something is or isn’t legitimately a strike. Additionally, strikes are on your account for six months before they fall off.

Image: Microsoft Enforcement Strike System
Image: Microsoft

It’s interesting to see their breakdown of how many points go into each strike, as well. According to the “Enforcement Stacking: User Journey” chart, it breaks down how it all works.

For instance, profanity and cheating both only merit 1 strike point each. Being sexually inappropriate, bullying, and harassment are all 2 strikes each, while full-on hate speech draws on the big boy 3 points of a strike.

The crackdown is nice to see. But, only a 3-day suspension for hardcore hate speech feels more like a slap on the wrist. All other instances only merit a single day of suspension. Stacking them is the only way to start amping the consequences up.

This may have been done to keep toxic people from abusing the system, just to bully or lock out people from being able to play games. But, the punishments are super light unless you’re a multiple-time offender. I feel like there needs to be more of a balance struck.

It’s better than nothing, though.

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