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Guides Diablo IV - Best Druid Builds

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Any ARPG player will tell you having a proper build is the only way you'll be able to take out stronger enemies and bosses in the game. Diablo IV is no different, with theory crafters and Diablo veterans tinkering and tweaking different skills and Aspects to create the strongest character.

Druids are one of the most powerful classes in Diablo IV, mixing high defense with reliable damage via elemental spells. They are among the most challenging classes to play because of all the different mechanics and spell options. If you've been struggling to get past World Tier 3 or complete your Capstone Dungeon, these endgame Druid builds will give you the power boost you need to make it through the more challenging portions of the game. These builds assume that your character is at least level 50 and you've reached the Paragon board; however -- you can also use them to level if you still need to make it there.

Diablo IV Werebear Pulverize Build

Perhaps the most well-known endgame build in the beta, the Werebear Pulverize build utilizes Earth Spike to build up Spirit and Pulverize as the main damage-dealing attack. The basic skill setup that you can use includes the following:


  1. Earth Spike

  2. Pulverize

  3. Earthen Bulwark

  4. Debilitating Roar

  5. Trample

  6. Grizzly Rage

See the full Skill Tree breakdown.

The core of this build is to get your Skills and gear to the point where you can spam Pulverize, then obtain gear and Aspects that enhance your Pulverize damage. To recoup and regenerate Spirit faster so that you can spam, players should invest in Core skills like Heart of the Wild and Abundance and the Earthen Might ult, which provides a 5% chance to recoup 100% of your Spirit. Players can also use the unique Mother's Embrace ring that drops from defeating Lilith to refund 20-40% of the resource cost when simultaneously hitting five or more enemies.

Key Aspects

The two most important aspects of the Werebear Pulverize Build are the Shockwave Aspect and the Aspect of Ursine Horror. The Shockwave Aspect creates a shockwave that blasts in front of your Druid and transforms it into a ranged move. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most challenging Aspects to obtain and can only be found on Legendary 1H weapons, 2H weapons, and gloves. Players may get The Shockwave Aspect by gambling obols at the Curiosity Vendor in town.

Luckily, the second critical aspect, The Aspect of Ursine Horror, is much easier and can be obtained by defeating the Belfry Zakara dungeon in Hawezar. This will create tectonic spikes that deal a certain amount of damage after casting Pulverize, transforming it into an AOE attack. It also makes Pulverize an Earth Skill, meaning buffs for Earth Skills also apply to Pulverize.

Other aspects you can get, most of which can be obtained by completing dungeons, include:

  • Ballistic: When you have Fortify, your Earth Skills gain +2 ranks.

  • Disobedience: You gain increased armor for four seconds after you deal damage.

  • Retaliation: Your core skills deal increased damage based on your amount of Fortify.

Spirit Boons

Spirit Boons are a unique mechanic to the Druid and go a long way in enhancing your character's power. The Boons you should activate for this build include the following:

  • Deer: Wariness

  • Eagle: Avian Wrath

  • Wolf: Calamity

  • Snake: Masochistic, Calm Before the Storm

Key Items

Certain Unique items will also synergize with this build and enhance its power significantly. They include:

  • Vasily's Prayer (helm): Earth skills are now Werebear skills and Fortify you.

  • Insatiable Fury (chest): Werebear is now your true form, and you gain +2 ranks on all Werebear skills.

  • Temerity (legs): Effects that Heal you beyond 100% Life grant you a Barrier up to 80% of your Maximum Life that lasts 8 seconds.

  • Ballistic Necklace (amulet): When you have Fortify, your Earth Skills gain +3 ranks.

Players should concentrate on gear that provides them additional ranks on their Earth Skills and any equipment that provides Willpower, as it increases the damage that your Pulverize does. Vasily's Prayer is critical to round out this build, as it makes all of your main skills, Werebear and Earth skills, meaning you benefit from any buffs for either type of attack.

If you follow these steps exactly, then the Druid Pulverize Earth build is one of the most powerful AOE builds in the entire game while still providing your Druid with enough defense via Fortify and armor to tank high-level dungeon bosses and make it out alive. Try to wrangle as many mobs in clusters as possible, as this will reward you with a greater chance to recoup lost Spirit and increase your overall damage.

Diablo IV Werewolf Tornado Build

The Werewolf Tornado Build uses Storm Strike to build up Spirit, Tornado as your main attack weapon, and the Werewolf form to increase your attack speed. This synergy enables you to spam your Tornado and procure critical hits more frequently.


  1. Storm Strike

  2. Tornado

  3. Blood Howl

  4. Cyclone Armor

  5. Hurricane

  6. Grizzly Rage

See the full Skill Tree breakdown.

The Werewolf Tornado build relies on recouping lost Spirit quickly via Earthen Might and increasing attack speed as much as possible by spamming Blood Howl and Grizzly Rage, which puts you in an immune state so you don't get stun locked. With the increased attack speed via your Werewolf skills, you should be able to stack multiple tornados, which will all continue to hit enemies in the area for severe damage over time.

Key Aspects

The two critical aspects of this build include the Mighty Storm's Aspect and the Dire Wolf's Aspect. The Mighty Storm's Aspect makes it so the Earthen Might skill also applies to Storm Skills, providing a 5% chance to recoup all your Spirit while increasing critical strike damage. Unfortunately, this Aspect can only be found on Legendary gear, which you'll have to farm for or trade obols for at the Curiosity Vendor. Roll on 1H weapons, as they only cost 40 obols, and restrict your rolls to Offensive Aspects.

The Dire Wolf's Aspect makes Grizzly Rage transform you into a Werewolf instead of a Werebear while also applying damage reduction, a speed boost, and Spirit cost reduction. It will also heal you when killing mobs, which can be helpful because you won't be in Werebear form and may require additional survivability.

Other important Aspects include the following:

  • Vigorous Aspect: Damage reduction while in Werewolf form.

  • Stormchaser's Aspect: Tornados will seek up to 1-3 targets.

  • Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast: The duration of Grizzly Rage is increased by 1-5 seconds and provides increased Critical Strike damage.

Spirit Boons

The Spirit Boon passives you should get for the Werewolf Tornado build include the following:

  • Deer: Wariness

  • Eagle: Avian Wrath

  • Wolf: Calamity

  • Snake: Masochistic, Calm Before the Storm

Key Items

Luckily, only a few items are required for the Druid Werewolf Tornado build beside the unique helm, Tempest Roar.

  • Tempest Roar (helm): Storm skills have a chance to grant 4 Spirit. Your base Storm Skills are now also Werewolf Skills.

  • Temerity (legs): Effects that Heal you beyond 100% Life grant you a Barrier up to 80% of your Maximum Life that lasts 8 seconds.

Unfortunately, Tempest Roar is required to work at its maximum capacity for this build. It can typically be found in World Tier III and beyond in Helltide Chests, World Bosses, and other random in-game drops. Players can also pick up the unique Temerity (legs), which grants a barrier that lasts up to 8 seconds.

If you can obtain Tempest Roar, the Werewolf Tornado build is one of the strongest in the game. Because you're in Werewolf form, you should focus on items to improve your Fortify and survivability since that will be your only weakness. Just as powerful as the Pulverize build but better for single-target bosses, the Werewolf Tornado might be slightly more challenging to use than the Pulverize build, but the DPS payoff is well worth it.

Paragon & Gems for Druids in Diablo IV

For both builds, initially spec your Paragon points into the Willpower Paragon path – or the right side- as it will increase your character's elemental damage. Branch out and obtain the Tempest Node to boost your Willpower significantly. As you gain more Paragon boards, the path to increase your Willpower and damage output will become more apparent. Paragon is one of the more fun and creative things you can do in the game, so as long as you invest in Willpower and nodes that increase your damage, you’re on the right path.

Regarding gems, players should socket Sapphires in armor for damage reduction, Skulls in jewelry for additional armor, and Rubies or Sapphires in weapons for increased Overpower damage or Critical Strike Damage.

Whatever build you select for your Druid in Diablo IV all comes down to you. Luckily, there are plenty of options for any playstyle, and this class is one of the most fun and unique in the game. You don’t need to adhere to these rules strictly, but if you do, it should maximize your damage output. If you have difficulty in the game, try reducing your World Tier level or following one of these builds closely to help you through it.

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