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Diablo IV - How to Unlock Druid Spirit Boons

Boons synergize with your build and greatly enhance your damage output and survivability.

Garrett Ettinger

Jun 7, 2023

In Diablo 4, Druids gain access to powerful passive buffs known as Spirit Boons at level 15. Players can choose from four Spirit Boons, each providing strong passive bonuses that will help you make it through Tier 2 and beyond.


Like the other classes in the game, this class-specific mechanic can synergize with your build and greatly enhance your damage output and survivability. If you're a little lost on how it all works, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Druid Spirit Boons in Diablo 4.


Upon reaching level 15, players unlock the Priority Quest, Spirits of the Lost Grove. To unlock the Spirit Boon mechanic for Druids, players must travel to Túr Dúlra and defeat the Stronghold there. Afterward, players can head to southern Túr Dúlra to unlock different Boons using Druidic Spirit Offerings, a resource that drops when defeating enemies.

To enable the Boons after you've unlocked them, open your inventory and select the Spirit Boons tab. From here, you can select one passive per Spirit unless you've unlocked all the boons, in which case you can allocate two Boons for a single Spirit as part of the Spirit Bonding passive buff.

There are four different Spirits, each with four different Boons to select from. The four spirits include:

  • Deer

  • Eagle

  • Wolf

  • Snake


Each time you unlock a new Spirit Boon tier, the Druidic Spirit Offerings cost increases, with each level costing 25, 50, 75, and 100 for tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. The only exception here is the Snake Spirit, which requires you to invest 100 Druidic Spirit Offerings upfront to unlock all its Boons.


All Druid Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

Each of the four Spirits has a Boon to select from. See below for all the Boons currently in the game.




The Deer Spirit helps players by providing a variety of defensive abilities.

  • Prickleskin: Gain X Thorns

  • Gift of the Stag: Gain 10 Maximum Spirit

  • Wariness: Take 10% reduced damage from Elites

  • Advantageous Beast: Reduce the duration of control impairing effects by 15%




The Eagle Spirit increases attack modifiers, with Iron Feather being the only passive contributing to Health.


  • Scythe Talons: Gain 5% Critical Strike Chance

  • Iron Feather: Gain 10%[x] Maximum Life

  • Swooping Attacks: Gain 10%[+] Attack Speed

  • Avian Wrath: Gain 30%[x] Critical Damage




The Wolf Spirit offers a variety of passive buffs that mainly play on Lucky Hit and Fortify.


  • Packleader: Lucky Hit: Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 20% chance to reset the Cooldowns of your Companion Skills.

  • Energize: Lucky Hit: Dealing damage has up to a 15% chance to restore 10 Spirit.

  • Bolster: Fortify for 10% of your Maximum Life when you use a Defensive Skill.

  • Calamity: Extend the duration of Ultimate Skills by 25%.




As mentioned, you'll need to invest 100 offerings to unlock all four Snake Spirit Boons.


  • Obsidian Slam: Every 20th kill will cause your next Earth Skill to Overpower.

  • Overload: Lucky Hit: Dealing Lightning damage has up to a 20% chance to cause the target to emit a static discharge, dealing [x] Lightning damage to surrounding enemies.

  • Masochistic: Critical Strikes with Shapeshifting Skills Heal you for 3% Maximum Life (#).

  • Calm Before the Storm: Lucky Hit: Nature Magic Skills have up to a 10% chance to reduce the Cooldown of your Ultimate Skill by 2 seconds.


As far as what Diablo 4 Druid Spirit Boons are the best, that really comes down to your build. It will all depend on what kind of skills you’re speccing in and what role you’re trying to fill with your character. Experiment with different Boons to see what fits best with your character. Remember, you can always reset skills with enough gold.

Garrett Ettinger

Garrett Ettinger

Garrett is a writer and editor with over a decade of professional writing and editorial experience. For the past year, he has been the editor of Gamer Digest. He loves playing games in just about every genre and is a Master on the Starcraft 2 ranked ladder. You can find his musings on Twitter @GarroWrites.

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