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Diablo IV - How to Respec Your Character

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

There are five different character classes to choose from in Diablo IV. Obviously, the best of the bunch is the Druid because it allows you to turn into a bear, but the Necromancer, Sorcerer, Rogue, and Barbarian are pretty great too. Each one of these classes comes with their own magical and brutal abilities, but what if you unlock one that you just don’t like using? Thankfully, you don’t need to create an all-new character to undo any choice you make when unlocking abilities. Instead, you can respec your character at any time you like.

Like many RPGs, Diablo IV will give you Skill Points each time your character levels up. With these Skill Points, you can open your Skill Tree and select the ability or passive that you desire. When you open your Skill Tree, you might already notice the prompt near the bottom that says, “Refund All.” Choosing to do this is how you would, as it says, refund each and every Skill Point you’ve ever spent. Then, you can reallocate those points however you see fit.

If you’d rather refund just a single Skill Point, that can be done too. Simply hover over the ability you want to retrieve a Skill Point from, and hold the indicated button next to “Refund Rank.” You might notice here that a “Cost” will appear alongside this prompt. The best things in life aren’t free, of course. Unless you’re level eight or lower. If that’s the case, respecing your character is entirely free. However, you won’t be level eight for long, and you won’t have many Skill Points to refund at that point either.

As your level increases throughout the game, the price of respecing a single Skill Point and the price of refunding them all will steadily increase. That sounds intimidating, but it’s dirt cheap compared to how much gold you’ll find by simply exploring and completing quests. Really, the world of Sanctuary is simply lousy with spare change. At level 21, for example, refunding all 21 of my Skill Points would cost me 1,155 pieces of gold. At this point, I already had 99,795 in gold from simply playing the game’s main quests and selling a few items here and there.

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