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Starfield Guide: All Ship Manufacturer Locations

In Starfield, there are several different ship manufacturers, each with their unique styles and benefits. Each has a dedicated location where you can find a dedicated salesperson with access to various parts specific to that manufacturer.

In this guide, you can find the locations below of the major starship manufacturers.

Stroud-Eklund Staryard Location

The Stroud-Eklund Staryard can be found in the Narion system, near the Alpha Centauri system. Be sure to choose Narion, as the Narion and Valo systems are directly on top of each other.

Once you arrive at Narion, look for the planet Deepala, where the staryard will be orbiting nearby. Stroud-Eklund also has a showroom on Neon where you can access dedicated parts there as well.

Upon entering, look for Havershaw at the front desk on the right when you enter the staryard. He will offer a variety of ship models and parts specific to Stroud-Eklund.

Nova Galactic Location

Nova Galactic is a little strange because the staryard is abandoned early in the game. To find various Nova Galactic parts, head to the settlement New Homestead and speak to the ship services technician.

New Homestead can be found in the Sol system on Titan.

Taiyo Astroneering Location

Taiyo Astroneering is another brand that works a little differently. Instead of a staryard, there is a showroom in the Ryujin offices on Neon. Head to the Volii system and then fly to Neon, which resides on Volii Alpha.

Head to the Neon Core, and near the far end, you will find Ryujin. Head to the end of the first floor to find an elevator where you can select different floors. Select Taiyo Astroneering.

Once you arrive, take a right and head to the showroom that is down lower on your right. Speak to Veronica Young to access the Taiyo catalog of ships and parts.

Hopetech Location

Hopetech’s headquarters lie in the Valo system near Alpha Centauri. The system lies on top of the Narion system, so be sure to choose the correct one.

Once you arrive, head to the planet Niira and dock at Hopetown, the location of the Hopetech headquarters.

Once inside the Hopetech main building, speak to Inaya Rehman directly on your left as you walk in.

Deimos Staryard Location

The Deimos staryard is in the Sol system, near Mars and the moon of Deimos. Feel free to dock at the staryard and head below to the showroom upon arrival. Speak to Nikau Henderson to access Deimos’ catalog of parts and ships.

Good luck on your journey and upgrading your ship in Starfield!

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