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DOOM creator John Romero is working on a new FPS game

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

John Romero is a legend in the video game industry. Back in the 1990s, his name became synonymous with heavy metal music, innovative gameplay, and big friggin’ guns turning demons on Mars into soup.

Without John Romero, the first-person shooter genre may not have become so dominating. DOOM is where it all started. But, that was the 90s. This is 2023.

Image: Doom Guy: Life in First Person, by John Romero

This week, Romero published his autobiography, Doom Guy: Life in First Person. He opted to do a Reddit AMA to promote the book. During the AMA, he did let spill a couple of extra details that we didn’t know about.

During the AMA, u/smolgote asked, “If given the opportunity, would you remake/reboot Daikatana into the kick ass FPS you once envisioned?”

John responded in kind and explained that it was not currently in the cards. But, he isn’t against the idea of it, if anyone else wanted to take up the task. “Thanks for the Daikatana question,” he said. “I feel that Daikatana, if remade, could be an exciting game, moreso than the original. Personally, I would consult but not do the remake myself as I'm very busy with other games.”

Another user, u/Poopyman80, asked, “Is there some way we can convince you to make a modern death match game in the old gameplay style?”

John responded with a bombshell. “I've been working on an FPS for a while now. I can't say anything about it, however. There's a major publisher behind it.”

In the same question and response, Daikatana was also mentioned, where Romero simply stated that he “would not remake Daikatana [him]self, but [he] support[s] a remake.”

Only time will tell what Romero’s new big FPS game will be. Knowing that it’s being handled by a “major publisher” is promising, though.

We’re just glad it isn’t Daikatana related.

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