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You should get your kids game subscriptions for Christmas, it’s what they want

According to a recent ESA study, kids are looking for game subscriptions this year.

Image: Game Pass Ultimate / Xbox
Image: Game Pass Ultimate / Xbox

Ipsos ran a poll recently, on behalf of the Entertainment Software Association, that found out what children are looking forward to getting this year under the tree. In a shocking twist, they want video game stuff more than they want money.

The poll gathered information about 501 U.S.-based children, aged 10 to 17, as well as 500 adults (aged 18 to 65), asking what kids want for Christmas this year from their parents. At this point, 72% of them want stuff related to video games.

Interestingly, this wasn’t limited to only boys. While 86% of boys wanted it, 59% of girls joined them, for a whopping 72% total of the 501 kids.

But, what exactly are they looking for? Sure, physical games (22%), in-game currency (29%), accessories (32%), and consoles (36%) all had great marks. But, what they all want the most are game subscriptions at 39% of the polling.

While the term “subscription” can mean anything from re-upping their yearly Nintendo Switch Online to grabbing PlayStation Plus, it’s highly likely that Xbox Game Pass is more on the minds of kids nowadays.

With Game Pass recently merging Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass into a single entity, it’s not unreasonable to assume that kids want to play games not only from their Xbox but also from their PC and/or their phone via the Cloud.

That’s one thing that’s great about the idea of Game Pass Ultimate is that you can use cloud streaming to play games directly on your smartphone and it works amazingly, especially if you have an officially licensed Xbox controller to pair with it and great Wi-Fi.

If you’re unsure, there are some options out there. Sure, you can grab the Xbox Game Pass Core, but Ultimate is where it’s really at, offering an “all of the above” capability for anyone looking to game.

You can pick up the 1-month version for only $16.99. But, you can save yourself the future hassle (and save yourself a full dollar) by grabbing the 3-month digital card right now for $49.99.

The survey also shows that Adults buying video game-related presents are planning to spend around $485 this year for these specific gifts. That clearly includes consoles, games, in-game currencies, gear, and accessories. So, you need to make sure you can play online, at the least, with a game subscription.

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