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Fortnite event subscribes to the Big Bang theory, adds epilepsy warning and Eminem

Fortnite is getting a fresh perspective with a whole Big Bang.

Image: Fortnite x Eminem / Epic Games
Image: Fortnite x Eminem / Epic Games

Starting December 2nd, at 2 p.m. EST, Fortnite players are in for a pretty refreshing event. Fortnite is rebooting itself with The Big Bang, a shared event that is bound to mystify and entertain while they do a full server reboot.

The event will bring in Slim Shady himself, Eminem. Yes, he will be performing. Yes, he will also be multiple skins that you can purchase.

During the event, you can grab one of three Eminem-inspired skins and outfits for your avatar: The superhero-esque Rap Boy, the gangster Marshall Never More, and the good old-fashioned Slim Shady (please stand up). If you pick up the Marshall Never More outfit, you’ll also get an upgraded Magma version by attending the Big Bang event.

To prep for the event, Fortnite will be disabled two hours beforehand to change over to v28.00. At 1:30 p.m. EST, you’ll be able to jump into the game to gear up and gather a party with up to four friends.

All versions should work for this, even if you’re not at home, including the cloud gaming options like Xbox Game Pass Cloud Streaming and Amazon Luna.

If you attend the event, you’ll be rewarded with the The Big Bang Loading Screen, which has Marshall Mathers himself, Eminem, front and center.

Image: Fortnite x Eminem / Epic Games
Image: Fortnite x Eminem / Epic Games

Due to the nature of how an entire universe exploding and expanding into infinity works, bright lights will definitely occur. Epic Games issued a photosensitivity/seizure warning to let everyone know beforehand.

They recommend consulting a doctor about joining the event if you have a history of photosensitivity, seizure, loss of awareness, or other conditions linked to an epileptic condition. In any case, those who are not great with bright flashing lights might want to sit this one out or close the game if you’re not taking it well.

In any case, Fortnite’s The Big Bang is going to be a great way to reboot their servers and offer a little bit of both new and old to Fortnite, like League of Legends did this week, to push it into 2024.

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