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Wishlist: 10 Amazing Spidey Features We Want in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Insomnic Games’ first installment of Spider-Man back in 2017 accomplished doing whatever a spider can but left out some awesome abilities that Marvel’s main man showcased in other games.

These 10 blasts from the Playstation past would give the highly anticipated sequel set for PS5 release on Oct. 20 a strong shot in the Spider-arm.

Turning Evil (from Spider-Man: Web of Shadows)

spider-man web of shadows screen

Image: Activision Publishing

Peter Parker lives by the “with great power comes great responsibility” mantra. Web of Shadows explored an irresponsible, not-so-friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Results proved that it feels good to be bad sometimes. Peter Parker pulls off a black suit well, and whether in gaming with Web of Shadows or “Civil War: Back in Black comics where Spidey finally snaps, great stories are to be had.

Symbiote Attacks (from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)

spider man shattered dimensions screen

Image: Activision Publishing

Fully embracing Spider-Man’s dark side includes completely weaponizing the black suit. Unfortunately, most Marvel games treat it as either a lifeless alternative skin or a generic power buff.

Shattered Dimensions broke the macabre mold by making attacks in the suit unique. Melee became rangier. Players felt the rage the symbiote suit builds. We like Spidey when he’s angry!

Rampaging as Venom (from Ultimate Spider-Man)

ultimate spider man screen

Image: Activision Publishing

Who doesn’t want to play as a badass brute with a booming voice and louder explosions? Count us in whenever Spider-Man’s coolest foe appears in a game!

Ultimate Spider-Man fed our appetite for destruction by allowing us to devour cars and citizens as Venom. The rampage escalated to attack helicopters as players racked up points for wrecking everything in sight. The simple, arcadey activity fit the game’s vibe. A modern expansion flexing Venom’s symbiote strength in 4K would be sweet.

What-If Mode (Spider-Man (2001) from Neversoft)

spider man 2001 screen

Image: Activision Publishing

Imagine fighting for your virtual life against Carnage, when suddenly, his voice rises to Whitney Houston levels. Suddenly, Spider-Man wants to dance with somebody. This urge leads to randomly busting a move on a disco floor or in a toxic lab with Black Cat.

These fever dreams become reality after beating the first PlayStation Spider-Man game or entering the “GBHSRSPM” cheat code to unlock the “What-If Mode.” The alternative version of the campaign stuffed the story with cameos, quirky pop culture references, giant bananas, and whatever else most gamers wouldn’t think of. The MCU’s brand of humor matches the game mode perfectly.

Co-Op play (from Spider-Man: Friend or Foe)

Image: Activision Publishing

Double the trouble for AI creates double the fun for gamers. Many of Spider-Man’s best games revolve around supergroups or unlikely alliances. Unfortunately, Insomniac confirmed Spider-Man 2 won’t feature co-op. However, interactions where Spidey gets help from his friends or foes adds variety to the gameplay.

Finishing moves (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects)

Image: Electronic Arts

Sometimes, if you want the job of knocking out bad guys done right, you have to do it yourself. Spider-Man finishes fights by leaping onto his opponent’s shoulders for 3 punches, flipping in the air, and pouncing onto his opponent as a special move in Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.

Save the fatalities for Mortal Kombat, but powerful knockout sequences increase heroic immersion.

Crossover Character Challenges

ultimate spider man screen

When it comes to games and movies, the more Marvel, the merrier. Previous Spider-Man games included surviving Deadpool’s attacks as part of a reality show in Shattered Dimensions and racing the Human Torch in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Getting into a snapping contest with Thanos wouldn’t feel so good, but there are endless ways to get Spider-Man involved with guest characters.

Pizza Delivery (Spider-Man 2)

spider man pizza delivery screen

Image: Activision Publishing

Activision took “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” literally by switching Peter Parker from photo taker to order taker. Winning this challenge sent Spidey web-slinging across Manhattan to deliver pizza to strange places in under three minutes.

We’ve never heard of a real person ordering pizza in a speedboat. That said, we guarantee you won’t reach your full PlayStation potential until you’ve delivered pizza as Spider-Man.

Comic book styling (from Ultimate Spider-Man)

Image: Activision Publishing

Pop quiz: what year did Spider-Man debut? The year was 1962 — four decades before the first live-action Spider-Man movie. Spidey’s comics told some of the best stories in Marvel history.

Ultimate-Spider Man paid homage to the terrific comic book run that spawned the franchise. The story unfolded through comic panels. The artwork resembled graphic novels. Acclaimed Spider-Man comic writer Brian Michael Bendis wrote the game’s story. A similar setup has all the makings of a really cool DLC.

Bruce Campbell Narrations (Spider-Man 1, 2, and 3)

Image: Shutterstock

Who doesn’t want Ash Williams teaching us how to beat up evil forces trying to eat us again?

Final Thoughts

Swinging away from kidnappers, kingpins, and Kraven doesn’t allow time to look back. Although Spider-Man can’t see what’s behind him, we advise Insomniac to consider the past in order to create the best Spider-Man game yet.

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