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Windblown Could Be The Successor To Games Like Transistor

Live, Die and Repeat to Varying Success

Image: Twin Motion
Image: Twin Motion

The Game Awards showed off the initial trailer for Windblown—Developer Twin Motion, the studio behind Dead Cells. Windblown is an isometric action game that is a one to three-player experience. Featuring colorful cell-shaded characters that are agile and aided by jetpacks, Windblown could be a brutal experience overall. Boasting lightning-fast gameplay and the promise of taking roguelikes to a whole new level, it certainly looks good.

Windblown’s gameplay takes place on a floating village called The Ark. Your characters, Leapers, will take on the Vortex and the deadly Sentinels as they threaten to devour their peaceful world. The Leapers will take on increasingly deadly foes as they harness the powers and abilities of heroes that have fallen before them. These will imbue your Leapers with new skills that will allow them to engage the Sentinels in ways you likely never imagined after the first 40 deaths you dealt with.

You and your potential team will take on Sentinels with multiple weapons and fighting styles you can switch on the fly. This will also feature rogue-like elements that will allow players to inherit the skills and abilities of prior characters. Will these be player characters or ways to strengthen and grow the subsequent runs? We aren’t sure yet, but the cute anthropomorphic characters are undoubtedly endearing and will possibly be dying in graphic and brutal deaths, all wonderfully illustrated in beautiful cell-shaded art.

Will the axolotl, lizard, and bat be the only characters you get to play as? The trailer’s text also mentions finding your rhythm. There are still a lot of questions out there, but not a lot of answers. Either way, Windblown will be one to look out for, indeed!

Windblown will launch in 2024 on PC via Steam.

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