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Dave the Diver/Dredge DLC Crossover Coming in Late 2023

Dave and Dredge, together like two other, similar things

Image: MINTROCKET / Black Salt Games
Image: MINTROCKET / Black Salt Games

While the jury may still be out on whether or not Dave the Diver is truly an indie game, the charming underwater adventure is truly getting some DLC. The interesting part is this DLC is a crossover effort with another recent, ocean-themed game, Dredge.

On December 15, 2023, the DLC will be adding new content to Dave the Diver, based on the creepy world of Dredge. A brief trailer was shown, showing the two games’ protagonists meeting and Dave encountering some really nasty stuff under the sea.

Also, it’s a free update! A press release sent out after the announcement described the content in this odd, yet appropriate crossover. Dave will be able to travel to different spots based on the locations in Dredge, on the lookout for Aberrations. Those of course are the creepy critters populating the source material. Dave will be able to turn these aquatic abominations into new gear and ingredients for new dishes.

These new dishes will be for a new customer base coming to Dave’s restaurant, and it sounds like these folks aren’t exactly wholesome.

If you have yet to play either Dave the Diver or Dredge, you’re in luck. Both games will be slapped together in the Dredging and Diving Bundle, which will offer both titles together at a discount. That’s just for Steam apparently, so Nintendo Switch users will have to just be happy with the free, new content.

The official list of features is as follows, per the press release:

  • A new “Fog” weather event, which introduces the DREDGE content later in the game

  • Drive Dave’s boat similar to DREDGE gameplay, choosing different diving spots

  • Catch Aberrations, unique creatures with diverse attack patterns

  • New night map to explore

  • New weapon, the Drain Gun (can be created using Aberrant material)

  • New “Hooded Figures” to serve at Bancho Sushi using unique dishes created from Aberrant fish

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