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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - How to Get the Paraglider

There’s a heaping helping of things to see and do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and while it may be tempting to run off in any direction your adventuring heart desires there is definitely one thing you’ll want to acquire as soon as possible: the Paraglider. Those that played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will remember that leaving the game’s tutorial area known as the Great Plateau was not an option without this incredibly handy traversal tool. This time around, however, players will leave the Great Sky Island tutorial area without the ability to glide as far as one’s stamina will allow. Luckily, the Paraglider isn’t too far away after one touches down on the surface of Hyrule.

Once you’ve left the Great Sky Island and landed safely upon the ground, you’ll want to head toward Lookout Landing as part of the main quest titled To the Kingdom of Hyrule. It shouldn’t be too tricky to find if you make your way toward the ominously floating Hyrule Castle, but the best way to get there will be moving toward the blinking, golden marker on one’s map and compass.

After arriving in the quaint little camp, chatting with some NPCs, and maybe doing a little shopping, you’ll want to find and talk to Purah. Several NPCs will point you in the right direction, but the building you’re looking for is the enormous hut to the North. Walking up these stairs and talking to the grey-haired character Josha will trigger a brief cutscene where Link and Purah do some catching up.

Having this conversation will finish To the Kingdom of Hyrule, and a new quest, Crisis at Hyrule Castle, will start. Purah will send you up to the castle in order to find Captain Hoz. This is a bit of a trek. As long as players push due north from Lookout Landing, however, it shouldn’t take too long. There aren’t any large threats on the way, but a stop at the Kyononis Shrine would prove useful for unlocking a handy fast travel point.

As you make your way up the road to where Hyrule Castle was once attached to the Earth, you’ll run into a few NPCs that are working with Captain Hoz. They’ll tell you he can be found at the First Gatehouse. He’s not in said gatehouse, however, but higher up on the outside. He can be found on the northern side of the gatehouse looking toward the nightmarish scene of Hyrule Castle. After a brief (and eerie) cutscene with him, Captain Hoz will send you back into Lookout Landing to chat with Purah once more.

After making your way back to her and reporting on what you saw, Purah will tell you to meet her at the super tall structure nearby known as a Skyview Tower. As she explains its purpose, she will finally present you with your Paraglider. Success! Now, with the ability to glide, getting around will be much easier.

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